Video: Making Tax Digital timescales for businesses

Video: What Are the Making Tax Digital Timescales For Businesses?

Most businesses, self-employed people and landlords will be required to manage their tax affairs digitally by 2020. This will involve updating HMRC at least quarterly via their digital tax account. The new measures will not apply, however, to individuals in employment or to pensioners, unless they have a secondary income of more than £10,000 per annum. But what are the timescales and when will it affect you?

April 2018 for income tax and National Insurance Contribution (NICs) if your turnover is over the VAT threshold of £85,000 pa.

7 Tips for Business on Facebook

With another presentation season starting we are again thinking of quick tips to get businesses and organisations using Social Media.  A favourite exercise of OutserveWeb’s presentations is to summarise a list of tips on various subjects so people attending have a quick summary and some information to take away.

With Facebook passing 500 million active users it should, more than ever, be considered as a key part of any business’s or organisations social media strategy. The Facebook platform may be seeing phenomenal growth but it is still under used by businesses and organisations especially small and medium sized businesses.

1 in 4 internet users are active on Facebook with a personal profile

Although there are very little statistics for pages available it must be somewhere in the 1 in 100’s for businesses and organisations. Of course many 1000’s of businesses are using personal profiles for business which in my opinion and Facebook’s is not the purpose of the Personal Profile and not a good use of it.

The 7 tips for using Facebook for Business are (we have more but these are some of the main ones to get started):

  1. Use Facebook Pages (Not personal profiles)
  2. Combine/Integrate Facebook into your own websites
  3. Link Social Media Content togther
  4. Join/create group
  5. Use Facebook Events
  6. Sell on Facebook
  7. Consider advertising on Facebook

To expand on these points we have put together a slide show (actually created using OpenOffice Impress rather than Powerpoint as it’s free and open source) . We have converted the slides to video to post to YouTube and have also posted the slides to Slideshare.

The YouTube videos is below and has also been posted to our Facebook Page.

The slides have also been put on slideshare so they can be downloaded if required:

We will be expanding on this at an upcoming talk in Wolverhampton UK (with UKITA and the Institute for Innovation and Enterprise on 5th October 2010. See sign up page and also details of course on our Facebook Page