Importing Contacts into Capsule CRM

Capsule CRMWhen you import a contact into Capsule CRM it will often create 2 records for each line on the import spreadsheet. A record for the individual contact (e.g. Bob Smith) and a separate record for the organisation (e.g. My Company Limited). This usually explains why there are so many more records created than there were lines on your spreadsheet.

From the import the contact is linked to the organisation. You can also have many contacts to one organisation but if importing ensure that you the organisation names on each line is identical otherwise Capsule will create multiple organisations (e.g. be consistent with Ltd and Limited).

Currently there is no way to have a single contact to multiple organisations. If you have this requirement, to track information for the same person against different organisation then you need to have duplicate contact records one for each organisation. If this is a feature that you would like on Capsule CRM then you can vote and comment on the feature request here.

Once imported there is minimal information held on the organisation record with all address, email and telephone information attached to the ccontact. There is quick button to transfer the the address from the contact to the organisation although this will remove the address from the contact record.

To import specific information for an oganisation into Capsule CRM then enter the organisation and contact as separate lines ensuring that the organisation name is identical on all lines to connect them, as below:

Import organisations and contacts into capsule CRM

Important Note: You need to import the organisation first so Capsule can then automatically link each person to the organisation.

Integrate your WordPress website with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

WordPress Capsule CRM Integration

One of the best things about WordPress is being able to add more functionality to your website often by plugins. There are many 1000’s of options to add more stuff to your website from pretty sliding graphics to adding your social media buttons and content.

As well as enhancing your website you can also look to improve other systems in your business by integrating them into your website. There are many different systems you could integrate into WordPress but in this blogpost I am looking at integrating to your Customer Database or CRM which stands for Customer Relationship Management.

A CRM for many businesses should be their central system where they focus on the most important things in their business – their customers and prospects. CRM’s can hold all of the important details of your customers and prospects. As your website is the online front door and shop window of your business it can make sense that it should be closely linked to the back office systems. As customers and prospects walk through your online front door it would be great if you could collect contact details and information and that the details are then put in a system where they can be followed up.

A business’s website can get many visits every day but often no information is being collected. Even when there is data collected this is sometimes not a seamless process and information is not entered into a your back office systems automatically.

Whatever CRM system you use, and there are many, you should be able to collect information from your website and have it automatically update the details in the CRM system. This may require some integration software in the middle but if your CRM can not be integrated with your website you may need to look at a new website or a new CRM (or both).

For this example I am going to use a WordPress website and integrate it to Capsule CRM. Capsule is a popular and affordable web-based CRM application for SMEs (Small and Medium sized businesses). There are many ways we could integrate but I am going to use a form to collect information and then pass that date to the CRM.

The first thing we need to do is create a form that we can easily collect the required information on our website. I am going to use Wufoo forms as it offers both integration to WordPress and Capsule CRM.

Integrate WordPress and Capsul CRM

By using a Wufoo form you can can collect information from your website visitor and pass it automatically to your CRM system

As an example below is a one of the forms from my website which not only can collect contact information but also asks some Interest preference infomation

Wufoo form embedded on WordPress with integration for Capsul CRM

The Wufoo form is connected to the Capsule CRM system so as soon as website form is completed by a visitor the details are entered into the Capsule system. You can then follow up using your usual sales process or action depending on the visitors information.

If you would like any assistance integrating your CRM to your website or have any queries on any aspect of WordPress or CRM systems please contact us we are always happy to discuss.