Accountants & Technology survey

The Accountants & Technology Survey 2017

Technology is affecting many aspects of the way we do business, and this is certainly true for accountants. But how far has cloud technology, especially cloud accounting, been embraced across the profession?

Working in the cloud has improved security, efficiency and productivity for those who have already adopted it. Accountants working in the cloud particularly benefit from:

Improved compliance
Increased cost savings
The ability to serve their clients better

Data security

How Secure is Your Data in the Cloud?

Cloud service providers have a vast number of security controls in place, including encryption and the ability for customers to set their own rules for who can and can’t access the data. But there are some measures you can take personally to help keep your data as secure as possible.

Office laptop waiting to run Making Tax Digital software

Making Tax Digital – what software will you need?

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is asking businesses and individuals to interact with HMRC digitally. As well as having a digital tax account, customers will use digital record keeping software that is linked directly to HMRC systems.

Do your tax anywhere with Xero and Making Tax Digital

Making Tax Digital: the facts

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is coming and a large percentage of business owners and individuals are not aware how the changes will affect them. We run through the facts.

Zapier logo

Our Top 3 Zapier Zaps for Xero

Despite the 500+ Xero integrations, some software packages simply will not integrate with Xero ‘out of the box’. Many software companies have worked hard to achieve smooth integration with Xero, the market leading cloud application, but some need a helping hand. Zapier acts as a bridge between two products that cannot be integrated automatically.

Accounting automation

Will a robot take your job? The future of accounting automation

If you are concerned about whether automation will take your job, then you can take the test on the BBC website and see how likely it is that you can be replaced. Be warned, if you work in professional services, it thinks you are highly likely to be replaced!

Xero HQ - Xero logo

Xero HQ and Other Recent Updates

This 30-minute video takes us through some recent Xero updates, including Xero HQ and reporting updates, and offers a preview of what new features we can expect from Xero soon.