Quick Access

Quick Access in Google Drive now available on the web

Quick Access uses machine learning to intelligently predict the files you need to work without you having to search for them.

G Suite accessibility

G Suite Accessibility

G Suite apps come with a variety of accessibility features. This video looks at some of the basics.

G Suite provides recommendations for browsers, screen readers, and Google Admin console settings, in order to provide the best experience possible for G Suite users with disabilities.

Smart Reply video

Smart Reply for Gmail

Smart Reply is now on Gmail for iOS and Android users. It provides prewritten responses to emails received, and now 1 in 8 email replies uses this feature in inbox.

The average employee receives about 120 emails per day, and answering these on the go can be difficult, especially if you just need to fire off a quick response.

Hangouts Meet

Meet Hangouts Meet!

Hangouts Meet from Google is a new video conferencing experience, the aim of which is to make joining meetings an easy process and chat more collaborative, so that people can work from anywhere at any time.

Hangout Meets is a light and fast interface. It loads quickly and is more reliable than ever. You simply start your meeting with a shared link.

Fountain pen depicting DocuSign app

DocuSign – a simple way to get documents signed faster

People have busy lives and it can sometimes take days to get a client’s signature on a paper document. This, coupled with the time it takes to actually organise a client’s attendance at your office to sign, can significantly hold up proceedings.

DocuSign is an electronic signature app that provides a simple way for clients to sign and return documents from anywhere, at any time and on any device.

G Suite logo - Google Cloud Search

G Suite Updates: Google Docs Capitalization & Calendar Admin

In this blog post, we look at two new G Suite updates: Google Docs Capitalization and Calendar administrator priviledges.

G Suite logo - Google Cloud Search

G Suite Updates February 2017

“The average knowledge worker spends 20% of the workweek searching for and consolidating information” But now with Google Cloud Search, you find the information you need, when you need it.

Presenters on Google Keep video

Google Keep – New Features

With Google Keep you can capture your thoughts anytime, anywhere. This video runs through the new features of Google Keep, which is now even more user-friendly.

Explore in Google Sheets

Analyse your spreadsheet data easily with Explore

This video by Google discusses Explore in Google Sheets, which enables you to decipher your data more easily, and shows you how to turn a data dump into an easy-to-read spreadsheet.