Smart Reply video

Smart Reply for Gmail

Smart Reply is now on Gmail for iOS and Android users. It provides prewritten responses to emails received, and now 1 in 8 email replies uses this feature in inbox.

The average employee receives about 120 emails per day, and answering these on the go can be difficult, especially if you just need to fire off a quick response.

Presenters on Google Keep video

Google Keep – New Features

With Google Keep you can capture your thoughts anytime, anywhere. This video runs through the new features of Google Keep, which is now even more user-friendly.

G Suite logo - Google Cloud Search

G Suite Update Alerts for Google Sheets

G Suite has introduced a number of features to make Google Sheets even more user-friendly on the web, Android and iOS.

Explore in Google Sheets

Analyse your spreadsheet data easily with Explore

This video by Google discusses Explore in Google Sheets, which enables you to decipher your data more easily, and shows you how to turn a data dump into an easy-to-read spreadsheet.