Importing Contacts into Capsule CRM

Capsule CRMWhen you import a contact into Capsule CRM it will often create 2 records for each line on the import spreadsheet. A record for the individual contact (e.g. Bob Smith) and a separate record for the organisation (e.g. My Company Limited). This usually explains why there are so many more records created than there were lines on your spreadsheet.

From the import the contact is linked to the organisation. You can also have many contacts to one organisation but if importing ensure that you the organisation names on each line is identical otherwise Capsule will create multiple organisations (e.g. be consistent with Ltd and Limited).

Currently there is no way to have a single contact to multiple organisations. If you have this requirement, to track information for the same person against different organisation then you need to have duplicate contact records one for each organisation. If this is a feature that you would like on Capsule CRM then you can vote and comment on the feature request here.

Once imported there is minimal information held on the organisation record with all address, email and telephone information attached to the ccontact. There is quick button to transfer the the address from the contact to the organisation although this will remove the address from the contact record.

To import specific information for an oganisation into Capsule CRM then enter the organisation and contact as separate lines ensuring that the organisation name is identical on all lines to connect them, as below:

Import organisations and contacts into capsule CRM

Important Note: You need to import the organisation first so Capsule can then automatically link each person to the organisation.

Transfer Google Calendar

Moving your Google Calendar from one Google Account to another Google Account

Transfer Google Calendar

I could not imagine life without not Google Calendar, I rely on it for all my appointments and important schedule tasks

There could be many reasons why you would want to move your calendar to another Google account. Yuu may want to move from a free Gmail account to Google Apps account where you use your own domain or maybe you are changing from one Google Apps account to another Google Apps account.

Youl could share your old account calendar with your new account. This is fine but please be aware if you delete your old account (or calendar) it will disappear for ever so not really recommended unless yoy are sure you will never delete the old account.

Google offers many ways to get data out of their services and if you have not already you should head over to Google Takeout ow and download all your data for fun and peace of mind.

To transfer from one Google calendar:

1. Login to your old account and open your calendar

2. Click the down arrow next to the link you want to export (transfer)

Google Calendar Export

3. From the settings page select the ICAL green button

4. Click the link in the box that opens (see image below)

Google Calendar Export ICAL format

5. This will download a file normally called basics.ics (this is your calendar in icalander format)

6. Login to your new Google Account where you want to transfer your calendar and open the calendar app

4. Click the down arrow alongside other calendars and select Import Calendar

Import Google Calendar

5. Now select the basic.ics file you downloaded earlier and pick the calendar you want to add it to.

For Google Support Documents see:

Export your Calendar

Import your Calendar