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Google Vault

Google Vault stores all your business data and from it you are able to search and export the data you need. As well as supporting files in Google Drive and Team Drives, Google Vault supports email messages, Hangout chats with history turned on, Google Talk chats that are on the record and Google Groups.

Data security

How Secure is Your Data in the Cloud?

Cloud service providers have a vast number of security controls in place, including encryption and the ability for customers to set their own rules for who can and can’t access the data. But there are some measures you can take personally to help keep your data as secure as possible.

IFTTT WordPress updates

Did you miss that WordPress update? Never again!

WordPress is a fantastic Content Management System (CMS) to manage any website but like any good software it has regular updates for functionality and security. The updates for security are essential to protect your website and keep it away from hackers who would be up to no good. A hacked WordPress site can bring your website down, affect your Google ranking and can be a big job to put right, especially if you do not have adequate backups.

So those updates are important and you do not want to miss them. This is where the amazing If This Then That service IFTTT (get a free account if you have not already) can come to the rescue and text you when a new WordPressw update is released. AS IFTTT works with many services so you could have an email or tweet to update you as well but I like the text update for this. To get a text when WordPress updates use the IFTTT recipe below:

IFTTT Recipe: Text me when WordPress is updated connects feed to sms

If you have any queries on any aspect of WordPress updates, security and backup please do not hesitate to contact us or see our WordPress services.

The OutserveWeb Quick Tip
Problem – WordPress Updates are important!
Solution – use IFTTT to remind you.