Google Plus One Sharing Button

Google Plus One iconGoogle has recently launched the Google Plus One button. This is another attempt to go social and compete with Twitter and Facebook with their very popular share buttons and in particular Facebooks incredibly popular ‘Like’ button.

Some may remember that it was not so long ago that Google launched Google Buzz along with its very own Buzz sharing button. But for multiple reasons Buzz was not and is still not successful – it just has not got the critical mass required. Hopefully Google has learnt much from the comparative failure of Buzz and will hopefully have more success with Plus One.

I will be trialing the Plus One button (should be showing in the sharebar on the left) on some sites (including this one) to see what it is like but I think for many it will continue to be the Google Geeks (like me) and not the main stream user that will use it, but only time will tell. Currently Google are saying that to use Google Plus One you will need a Google Account with a public Google Profile (similar to mine –

While Google has not been successful in the social world, this is a clearly a reply to the success of the Facebook ‘Like’ button, there is talk about the Google +1 button adding even more data to three incredibly successful services from Google being:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Webmaster tools

Adding even more useful data to these already great services can only be a good thing for website owners.

Google has made a very nice video to go along with the launch as well:

Shropshire Rural Hub – Slides and Documents

This week I gave a talk the the Shropshire Rural Hub on Social Media in particular how it may be of use to local businesses in areas such as crafts, jewellery and food.

Amongst many other areas we discussed how you could search, listen and engage on social media platforms. In particular we looked at hyperlocal sites like The Parish Post and how you could use Twitter lists to find people in local areas like Shropshire and in areas of your interest.

The slides from the presentation have been posted to Slideshare the slide sharing site and are embedded below:

Also a there were a few handouts with a few hints, tips and summary information which I have uploaded to Scribd, the document sharing site, which I have embeded below:

Social Media Links 20110524

Twitter Quick Guide

SpeedWM – West Midlands Student Enterprise Program

Last week I spoke to to a group of Wolverhampton University students who are on the West Midlands Student Enterprise Program (SpeedWM).

The program offers funding and advise to students with business ideas with potential. It was a great group with some interesting discussion and some fantastic business ideas that they are clearly passionate about.

I have uploaded the slides (to slideshare) that I used to discuss some of the ways that Social Media can help a business, especially a start up business.

Social Media Slides

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As expected with a young group there were many users of Facebook and Twitter but where these students needed help was thinking about these sites, and others, from the point of view of business opportunities rather than from a users perspective.
Hopefully in the near future I will have an opportunity to work more closely with some of these students and their businesses in the SpeedWM mentoring program.