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WordPress Tip the Read More link

It’s great when you have written that blog post and can see it in all of its glory with it’s 100’s of words. But sometimes you may not want to show all of the content and just show some ‘teaser’ content. This is where the read more link comes in.

The read more link is a great feature of the WordPress editor. It allows you to just show the beginning of a post on the summary or blog page and a link to to the full article on it’s on page.

This can be great for teasers but also can make the summary page a lot neater especially of you are using a magazine style summary.

To a read more link from the WordPress Visual Editor place your cursor where you want the break to be and click the button highlighted below

Read More Link

If you use the WordPress Text editor instead of the visual editor (as I do) you just need to click the ‘more button’

Read more Link from the Text Editor

or you can just type



You can see the read more link put to good effect of the Evonomie blog below

Evonomie Blog


WordPress Tips – What are Featured Images and How to Use Them

‘Featured Images’ are often overlooked in WordPress sites and sometimes for good reasons as the functionality is dependant on the theme you have chosen to use. In some themes featured images are not very functional, if at all, but many themes especially modern themes have built in ‘Featured Image’ functionality to do specific things. Even if your site does not use them external services might (see further down).

Featured images are often used in magazine style themes. Magazine style sites often use images with text introductions/excerpts in a grid effect (like a magazine!) unlike the traditional blog style website which lists posts straight down the page in one main column. A great example of featured images in a magazine style is the current default theme for WordPress TwentyFourteen. The page below is the Twenty Fourteen Theme.


I have marked below the featured images from this page. Each of these WordPress posts (or pages) has had a featured image set and the theme is using these images when showing these posts (or pages). If you have not set a featured image the boxes would be blank even if your post is full of images the theme does not know to use any of these and will only show an image that is set as a featured image. If you want a particular images to show in these pages you must set a featured image even if that image is used in the post.


How do I set a featured post?
On each post there a feature image box (see below) which is usually at the bottom right in the left column and should look like below. Of course as with others this box can be dragged and dropped to a position that you prefer

Setting WordPress featured imageWhen you click ‘Set featured image’ the usual media image selector will appear. The best size for featured images depends on the site and how it uses the images. Twenty Fouteen can use the image to great effect using large images. Then WordPress 2014 theme recommends featured images to be 1038×675 pixels.

Why so large?
Because posts can be shown on certain pages right across the page for example on a slider style or a full page width style, as example see below:

full width page template with featured image

As another example see how the new Hive Intelligence website uses featured images on their news/blog summary page which is set to a magazine style in its theme:

News - Hive Intelligence Featured images  news page

Maybe your site does not use featured images and you do not want it to, so why should you care? Maybe because other people (websites) may be looking for a featured images. Many blog and news writers want their post to be shared and read on different devices. Sharing on social networks will often share the URL link (the web address for the post) and an image. Think about Facebook sharing where a shared story will have an image attached. Well setting a featured image can help these sites know which image you would prefer shown with your story.

A great example of this is Feedly, which is website and mobile app, which aggregates blog posts and news to be read in one place. Sites like these can be called feed readers because they read feeds (news and blogs) from websites. Feedly has become very popular since the demise of Google Reader. Below is an example of Feedly showing stories for websites some with a feature image set and some without:

Featured Images on Feedly

If you want a magazine style website or want to use featured images have a look at themes that maximise the featured image functionality. Handily you can now search the free WordPress themes using filters for featured images functionality.

If you would like any advice on WordPress themes please contact us we are happy to help.

The featured image on this post is the WordPress badges a creative commons image taken from Cristian Lubarca’s Flicker account. You should see this image at the top of the post and as a thumbnail on the blog summary.