Twitter Loves the Cricket World Cup

There are no great cricket fans at OutserveWeb (yet!) but it was great to see twitter getting behind the Cricket World Cup:

Twitter Cricket Wolrd Cup

and if you click you are taking to a great Cricket World Cup Dashboard:

Cricket World Cup Twitter Dashboard Twitter Summaries is a great free service to create a daily summary of tweets based on a subject or group of Tweeters. will create a formatted paper taking the links from Tweets including images and video and formats them in a style of a digital paper.’s can be created for subjects based on hash tags (#) so that it will include tweets that have that tag in the update. For example the BforB Daily includes Tweets which include ‘#bforb.’s can also be created from any public Twitter list like this Stafford one based on the list!/philoakley/stafford

As well as creating a summary on the site that you can link to as above you can also embed your paper on any web page like this:

Twitter Workshop at Staffs Jelly

Staffs JellyAs part of the build up to Stafforshire Marketing Academy’s inaugural event Action for Business:LIVE many of the members of StaffsMA will be at the Staffs Jelly at the Stoke Moat House to talk about marketing and branding including Caroline Law from Caroline Law Consulting, Mandy Robinson from Digital Delight, Damian Brittleton from Revive Creative and Outserve’s own Philip Oakley.

As part of this OutserveWeb will be helping with a mini Twitter workshop. We thought it would be best to post the resources here so they would be available on the day and after for anyone who could or couldn’t attend. A really good place to start with Twitter is a recent promotional video released on YouTube by the company itseld which includes popstars, politicians and even astronauts in outerspace:

We will have a few slides so we can discuss Twitter and show what it is and how it can be used. I have posted these to Slideshare and embedded below (the emdedded slides also include the above video but it can be skipped):

We also have a quick guide sheet to give out which we posted to scribd:

Twitter Quick Guide

We will also have a set of notes n getting the most ouf Twitter which are also on Scribd:

OutserveWeb Twitter Course Notes

Mastering Twitter for Business

Do not click – Here you can get free IPAD ‘LINK’ just register – it’s Twitter spam

If you receive an Twitter DM (Direct Message) that looks like thess or contains anything like

“Here you can get free IPAD [a short url] just register”

Twitter Spam

then the chances are that this is spam DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. Although I have not clicked the link it is likely that you will be tricked/induced to give you Twitter password. Once they have your Twitter password they can use your account to carry on spamming some more by DM’ing from your account.

As is often the case if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is – free iPads are unlikely for just registering.

What do you do if you have clicked the link and/or you think you have been compromised?

Change your Twitter password straight way and make it a good one. Even if you have not been compromised it’s often good to change passwords regularly and make them strong.

Plenty of great tools to help with passwords including LastPass a browser plugin that can keep you passwords secure and auto generate very strong passwords.

Further information for keeping you Twitter account safe  and secure is here direct from Twitter:

and more guidance on what to do if you have been hacked is here direct from Twitter: