An Insight into 2019 for OutserveWeb

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We are incredibly excited for the future of 2020, we developed a lot as a company in 2019 and continue to grow and learn!

Updated website 

2019 brought a new website – we updated and improved navigation, added more information and modernised our look! We are continuing to update and develop our site for you and welcome any feedback. We want to ensure that you can easily find what you are looking for. We are excited by the website development opportunities and our website development and marketing team works hard to stay up-to-date with trends and new functionalities. It’s incredibly important to have an up-to-date website and our team of web developers are always excited by new challenges!

New website in 2019

New staff members

We’ve had new additions to the team! A Cloud Consultant, Business Development Manager and a Cloud Accounts Technician. The OutserveWeb team is growing and with each new employee brings more and more knowledge and experience for our wonderful clients to utilise. OutserveWeb are passionate about cloud-based technology and the massive abundance of benefits it can bring to a business. We have expertly trained staff members ready to guide you through automating your business processes. We are committed to educating and expanding our team, 2020 brings excitement as to what the future may hold!OutserveWeb Lego Team 2019

More Certifications

Well, it was a very successful 2019 for OutserveWeb! Our team are highly qualified and eager to learn more. We are dedicated to progressing and enhancing skill sets, in order to better help our clients. 

We are incredibly proud to be Official App Integrators with an abundance of Xero, Unleashed and Shopify qualifications across our team. 

Along with a whole host of additional qualifications, our Digital Marketing Technician, Connie, achieved a distinction in her L3 Digital Marketer qualification, and became a registered RIT Tech – now being able to put letters after her name! 

Our Cloud Accounts Technician, Matt, has done spectacularly well since starting at OutserveWeb, having passed his L2 AAT Foundation Diploma in Accounting and Business with flying colours – a distinction! Matt has gone on to already achieve high results in the first two of his six exams going towards his L3 AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting.

App Integrator Status 2019

2020 Cyber-Security

2019 brought despair for cyber-security experts. Did you know that the most popular online password was “123456” – if this is your password, take this as a big red flag! It has been reported that a string of numbers is one of the easiest forms of passwords to guess, and the first port of call for automated hacking tools. We recommend using a password manager, such as LastPass, to ensure you stay secure and can utilise strong passwords. It’s also a great idea to turn on two-factor authentication as a precaution. Our highest priority is ensuring that our data stays secure!

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