8 Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Ecommerce Website

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If you are wondering how you can easily improve your ecommerce website, we have 8 great tips to help you. It’s important that your website provides value for your customers as it’s a sure way to boost sales!

1. Secure Your Website

It’s vital in this day and age to make sure your ecommerce website is hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS). HTTPS protects the integrity of your website and can even improve your websites SEO. Having it HTTPS makes your potential customers feel protected on your website as it shows as secure.

Secure your ecommerce store website

2. Make Use of Your 404 Error Page

Don’t neglect your 404 error pages. You can use this as an opportunity for sales. Link to other pages to ensure you don’t lose customers on your 404 error page.

A great example is Amazon, they use the opportunity to engage customers.

404 error page for ecommerce store website

3. Don’t Forget About Mobile

Ensure your ecommerce website is mobile optimised! Around 50% of ecommerce revenue is gained through mobile!

Mobile optimisation for ecommerce store website

4. Get Connected

Connect your social media – let people know where they can find updates as well as other places they can get in touch. It’s another platform you can publish content to and engage with customers. Make sure you’re actively promoting your store and connecting with customers and contacts alike. It can help to re-post any posts referring to your product or service.

Connect social media

5. Be Fast

Improving your websites speed can drastically reduce bounce rate. If your site is slow and lagging, potential customers are likely to leave before your site has even loaded! A great way to improve speed is by compressing images. You can check your websites speed on desktop and mobile by using google’s speed test tool.

Make your ecommerce website store fast

6. Get Chatty

Add a live chat to your ecommerce store’s website, it can help and encourage customers when they are able to directly contact you for support with quick responses.

Add a live chat to ecommerce website store

7. Don’t Miss Out

Seasonal trends are a goldmine when it comes to producing valuable marketing. Tap into these trends to boost brand awareness and promote your ecommerce store. Our blog post on how to make the most out of big events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a great place to get started when it comes to planning for seasonal events and trends.

Use trends to help market your ecommerce store website

8. Show Off

Include social proof, it’s incredibly powerful when it comes to increasing conversions. Especially as 85% of consumers trust personal recommendations. Make sure there’s an opportunity for your customers to leave reviews.

Show off using social proof

If you’re unsure about how you can do this for your ecommerce website, we’re happy to help. You can get in contact with us here.

View all of our ecommerce services here.


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