August Shopify Updates – Don’t Miss Out

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These Updates Empower You

Shopify Pursuit – International Conference

‘Turning ideas into action’

August Updates To Shopify

From September to November 2018, the conference will travel across four continents and stop in five different cities!

New York, London, Berlin, Melbourne, Bangalore

This conference is a great opportunity for networking with developers, agencies and freelancers, all of a like-mind! And you also get the chance to chat with Shopify team members and partners!

The Shopify Pursuit international conference will consist of a full day conference, networking spaces, an exclusive masterclass (sold separately), and an evening meetup.

Shopify Academy – Free Training

‘Shopify Academy aims to help merchants get started with Shopify, stay motivated, and keep on track—from their first day, to their first sale, and beyond.’

August Updates To Shopify

The Shopify Academy, for Shopify merchants, offers free training to help merchants build and grow a profitable business. Packed with useful resources, Shopify Academy offers training that benefits both e-commerce and retail entrepreneurs. Shopify Academy provides online courses, live workshops, business tools and a supportive community.

Facebook Check Out – No Longer Available

‘We feel this is important information to know if you are a partner who sets up new stores, or services existing merchants using collaborator accounts.’

August Updates To Shopify

Since August 3rd. Facebook checkout is no longer available to merchants using the Facebook sales channel. Those who previously had Facebook checkout will have been automatically switched over to the Shopify checkout. You can still list your products on Facebook and this will not affect your Shopify reports. Customers will simply check out on Shopify instead of Facebook.

Google Shopping Channel – Updates to Shopify Admin

‘Create ads quickly and efficiently’

August Updates To Shopify

Google Shopping campaigns can now be created directly from your Shopify Admin, providing you have Google Adwords set up.

Use Google Shopping campaigns to promote your products and increase traffic to your store. Furthermore, these campaigns can save you time and help to build your customer base.

To set up a campaign, simply input your daily ad spend and then allow the campaign to run. It can take up to 2 weeks for the campaign to be fully optimised because it uses machine learning.

Admin Bar 2.0 – Updates To Shopify Store

‘We know store owners have busy schedules and lots on the go, and so value every minute of every day.’

August Updates To Shopify

The Admin Bar 2.0 offers contextual shortcuts when browsing your storefront – along with the option to click directly into the most relevant parts of your admin. With the Admin Bar 2.0 you will have the ability to ‘edit this product’ or ‘edit this collection’ while navigating your online store! Use the Admin Bar 2.0 to help you become even more efficient. Spend more time working on your business instead of working in it.


For more information about Shopify, click here. To implement Shopify for your e-commerce business, click here.

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