Automate Your Marketing

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The simplest way to automate your marketing is to integrate Xero and Mailchimp.


More than ever, customers expect professional and targeted emails. Emails containing relevant information specific to an audience are a must. With millions of users, Mailchimp is the largest marketing automation platform – sending 1 billion emails every day! There are tools to help you design email newsletters, allowing you to easily add your own branding. Mailchimp helps you share your content on social networks, attracting an even larger audience. Furthermore, Mailchimp lets you track your results and view them in reports – it’s great to analyse what works and what needs changing.


Xero is a cloud accounting software targeted specifically towards small to medium businesses.

With over one million subscribers worldwide, Xero is one of the most popular accounting softwares available.

Designed to work seamlessly in fast-paced workplaces that need to share data quickly, Xero lets you view your figures in real time from anywhere at any time – with all the security features of internet banking for peace of mind. It limits the opportunity for error and saves time, due to the highly automated features of the software, along with its user-friendly interface.

automate your marketing

How MailChimp and Xero Work Together

Mailchimp and Xero integrate effortlessly and using these two softwares in unison means you can rest assured that important information about your clients and contacts automatically updates from one to the other. Integrating these softwares helps you keep in touch with your customers regularly.

  • Creating a new contact in Xero will mean that the same contact is created in MailChimp, eliminating the need to input the same information twice, thus saving time
  • Any changes you make to your contact’s record in Xero will be automatically synced to MailChimp (Xero always takes precedence over MailChimp)
  • Your contact’s record in MailChimp will be automatically segmented to a particular list, according to the information help in Xero
  • Custom field mapping is enabled between both systems
  • Opt-outs are managed automatically

We Can Help

OutserveWeb is an expert in automating business systems and processes. With a wealth of experience both implementing and integrating these softwares, we can provide you with help and advice to make sure your systems are optimised for your business. Get in touch here.

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