Automation Makes People Happier

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Happiness is a Productivity Enhancer

Automation boosts productivity in more than the obvious ways of saving time and money through a quicker process. Automation also improves employees attitude to tasks.


The Dangers of Disengagement

Maximising quality and accurate output from employees is vital to any business. However, often such high pressure can have a severe effect on employees morale – resulting in disengagement. Employees that disengage with their duties are not only a liability, they are a reflection of the workplace mood. Ensuring you have happy employees can boost productivity by a whopping 31%.

Disengagement can be attributed to menial and repetitive tasks that do not add a lot of value to the company. Automating these tasks can reaffirm an employee’s purpose, encouraging an increase in higher quality output. Providing a role that allows employees to become a bigger contributor will help them to develop a sense of purpose in the organisation – and make them happier.

The Facts

A report by Smartsheet shows that 69% of employees believe automation will reduce wasted time during their work day and 59% believed that they would save over 5 hours by automating tasks. Thus, enabling employees to focus on more high-value tasks and help the company to grow.

Reach the next level of happiness with automation.

As App Integrators, we have a wealth of experience advising businesses as to which processes can be automated and the best apps to do so. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch!

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