The Major Benefits of Integrating Unleashed and Shopify

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Integrating and automating business processes is becoming more and more common, for businesses that want to grow. It saves precious time and money. By automating certain tasks, previously allocated time can now be better spent on business growth and improvement.

Shopify is one of the biggest ecommerce solutions available. Using Shopify’s ecommerce platform allows businesses to manage and sell their goods online. With an array of tools for personalisation and customisation, businesses that use Shopify have complete control over their store.

Unleashed Inventory Management is the perfect tool for ironing out the problems of manually managing stock. Unleashed can integrate with your ecommerce store to create a centralised point of information. You can save time and securely protect your information when you use Unleashed.

Integrating Shopify and Unleashed

When you integrate these two brilliant tools, your business will benefit from being able to:

Make Your Business Flexible

Customise and sync products with the ability to pool or isolate stock to a specific store. Having a complete overview of your stock, and knowing what store it is allocated to means you can stay one step ahead at all times.

Prevent Over Selling and Stock Outs

Have real-time visibility of your inventory. Provide an excellent all-round service by only selling items you have in stock. Prevent disappointing customers as well as ensuring you are managing your budget – allowing you to invest more money into improving your business.

Speed-up Dispatch

Send orders from your Shopify Store automatically, straight to your warehouse using the integration with Unleashed. Orders can be processed and shipped quickly and efficiently by having your Shopify ecommerce store and Unleashed inventory management integrated. BONUS! – You can maintain customer satisfaction by ensuring fast dispatch!

Manage Currency

Businesses can easily reduce admin time when using Shopify, with Unleashed, with their pre-set Price Tiers. Foreign currency conversion doesn’t have to be a drain on time, you can easily conduct transactions with customers in any currency. You aren’t just confined to one geographical customer base, you can reach customers globally.

Use Reports to Keep On Track

The integration of Unleashed’s software and your Shopify’s ecommerce platform can give you valuable insights into both your sales margins and real-time stock availability. Shopify allows for an in-depth report on sales margins which are based on landed costs that are calculated in Unleashed. Their integration means you can have a centralised place for all of your sales figures, which can even be separated into sales channels (retail and/or wholesale).

Being a partner of both Shopify and Unleashed, OutserveWeb is experienced in implementation and integration, as we work closely with each to help businesses work smarter, doing more, with less.

Want to work smarter? Find out how we can help by getting in touch here.

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