The Benefits of Using Cloud-based Stock Management Software

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There are many benefits to using cloud-based stock management software – especially if you are concerned about the following: not being able to track serial numbers effectively, having to re-key and manipulate data manually and wasting time.

Do these issues speak to you?

Are you concerned about the effect these issues are having on your business?

Do you want to integrate your accounting software or e-commerce platform with a stock management software?

stock management software

Time and Money

Firstly, implementing a stock management software can save you precious time and money, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Manually entering data can be costly, there is an increased risk of human errors which can have a negative effect on your business. Inputting incorrect data means that it will have to be corrected, which takes time that could be better spent on developing customer relationships. Overall these mistakes cost money and could be prevented.


With stock management software, you have access to accurate real-time stock visibility. You can even access this data from your phone providing that your software offers a mobile app. We recommend Unleashed – being a cloud-based software it is accessible from many different platforms.


Using stock management software in the cloud gives you an accurate representation of your business at any time, allowing you to accurately calculate the true cost of goods and gain a better understanding of your production costs.


Furthermore, using a software that is cloud-based ensures data security, as well as the ability to track your stock. Your data will be regularly backed up in the cloud, so should something go wrong, you will be able to recover your information quickly. Due to their large scale, cloud app providers can afford to put in security measures that used to be exclusive to large businesses. As mentioned, protection of your stock is very important, maintain control of your stock by using features such as label printing to give your stock batch and serial numbers you can track.


Cloud-based apps are typically run on a subscription – this is great as it means the service provider must deliver a valuable service to you and continue to support you whilst using their software. As a result, updates will often be free and providers are incentivised to continue improving and upgrading their software.

Recreating Orders

You can easily recreate orders and purchase stock with stock management software. In addition, there are many systems that provide a multi-currency option, allowing you to take your business international.

In a nutshell, using cloud-based stock management software:

  • Increases efficiency
  • Gives you a real-time view of your stock
  • Reduces mistakes and allows you to have enough stock to complete purchases
  • Enables you to re-order easily.

Unleashed Stock Management Software

Unleashed stock management software is the perfect example of what all businesses need to iron out the problems of managing stock manually. Their software easily integrates with software such as Xero and Shopify, meaning that your business will benefit from all of the features provided in one central place. Securely protect your information and save time otherwise spent on manually inputting data, for a more efficient, automated business.


To find out more about Unleashed click here. Interested in how you can use Unleashed to improve your business? At OutserveWeb we can help you implement Unleashed as well as integrating it with your e-commerce platform and other cloud software. Get in touch here.

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