How to Prepare For a Successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Shopify

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Back Friday (29th November 2019) and Cyber Monday (2nd December 2019) are a great opportunity to build lasting customer relationships. Delivering an outstanding service during this time will help you to show off your brand to its best advantage.

Important things to consider in the run-up to these events are:

  • Use of effective campaigns
  • Ways to fulfill increased consumer demand
  • Ways to sell even more products

Here are some key tips to help you deliver on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, whilst growing your customer base.

Use the Mobile Buy SDK to Make Mobile Apps Shoppable

Customers often purchase when they’re on the move and many prefer the mobile-first shopping experience, which includes mobile integrations such as push notifications to alert them of sales and new stock.

The majority of online stores are mobile optimised and many online stores have specific shopping apps for iOS and Android devices. So it’s a great idea to integrate your Shopify checkout into the mobile applications you build for your clients using the Mobile Buy SDK. The Mobile Buy SDK makes it easy for you to create custom storefronts in your mobile app, enabling you to sell your physical products through your app (users can buy using Apple Pay or their credit card) and to track sales information in your Shopify Admin.

Increase Cart Size by Using Discounts and Deals

Consumers love discounts! Especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday – use the power of discounts such as Buy One, Get One Free to increase your sales. Shopify’s Price Rule API can create discounts that enable you to make more sales, increase your order size and move more inventory.

The PriceRule API lets you create many types of discount models, such as:
Fixed percentage discount*
Fixed dollar amount discount
Free shipping**
Discount code creation

*Percentages: You can get a certain percent off an order, or only after buyers spend a certain amount or add a certain quantity to their cart.

**Conditions for free shipping: You can have a specified cart value or size to unlock free shipping.

Black Friday

Keep Up With the Fast Pace of These Events by Building Pages That Can Deliver on the Demand

A website that loads quickly has many perks. As well as keeping customers engaged, it can boost your ranking in search engines. It’s important to stay consistent with loading speed during the checkout experience. You should most definitely run load tests on your online store as well as your apps – particularly as Black Friday will test your site to the limit, a lot of traffic will be coming your way!

Use Instagram to Create Shoppable Social Experiences

Get your products in front of 500 million people seeking new trends with shopping stickers on Instagram Stories. Excitingly, Shopify integrates with Instagram – this creates a smooth and consistent in-app shopping experience.

Black Friday

Drive Even More Traffic With Google and Facebook Ads

Marketing in Shopify is a place where you can plan, launch and track your marketing campaigns. You can market through Shopify on Google Smart Shopping campaigns, as well as running Facebook Ads. This way you are putting your products in front of buyers through platforms they use often and love.

Use the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Toolbox

Shopify have compiled wonderful marketing resources into a virtual toolbox – this will help you in the run-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are even guides on everything you’ll need to boost your sales and improve your customers’ relationships.

For more information about Shopify, click here. To implement Shopify for your e-commerce business or for help with your digital marketing, click here.

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