Managing Invoicing in Xero and More Business Boosting Additions!πŸš€

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Cloud Accounting can save you time and money by improving processes and seamlessly pulling data into one user-friendly place. That’s why we love Xero so much.πŸ’™ It can transform a business by greatly improving productivity and visibility!

manage invoicing

You Can Quickly Manage Invoicing on the Go

If you are in the construction industry πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ, or know someone that is, now is the time to get excited! πŸ™Œ Free to all UK customers on Business Edition plans is the fantastic ability to send invoices from the Xero Accounting app* with Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) deductions automatically applied once a CIS account is selected. Helping contractors know exactly what to pay!
*available on 7.10.0 for iOS, and 3.65.0 for Android

Manage Expenses

You Can Manage Expenses Paid with Company Money Easily

A new feature in Xero Expenses! Xero has introduced company card reconciliation which allows you to manage employee spending all in one place. Employees now have the option to choose between using company or personal funds when submitting a claim. πŸ’³ This makes it much easier for you to identify non-reimbursable and reimbursable expenses and reconcile them correctly.

Calculate Mileage

You Can Save Time Calculating Mileage

There’s another great addition to Xero Expenses – a new mileage calculator! πŸš— This new feature enables you to have confidence reimbursing employees. You can save time and ensure mileage claims are accurate. πŸ•“ Employees can now add the start and end addresses into the calculator which then works out the distance travelled – even generating a map that is submitted with the expense claim. πŸ—Ί

Understand Your Business

You Can Soon Get a Better Understanding of Where Your Business is Heading

A visual dashboard of key financial metrics? πŸ“Š Yes, please! Xero have extended their pilot of Business Snapshot, the clever tool that will be especially useful in our current climate. πŸ“· The pilot will extend to people with read-only, standard + reports, or advisor roles on Xero Business Edition plans in the coming weeks.

The Power of TransferWise

You Can Soon Utilise the Power of TransferWise

A new solution from Xero that helps you to pay and manage bills is TransferWise. 🧾 With this solution you can pay all your bills through Xero, no matter which bank you use! Importantly you can reconcile transactions easily. βœ… This will become available from May 2020 and it will be offered to UK customers free of charge until July 2020!

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