Marketing Is Easy With ‘Marketing in Shopify’

“For ecommerce businesses, paying for ads is the new rent” – Daniel Patricio, Shopify Marketing in Shopify Shopify has just introduced ‘Marketing in Shopify’. Shopify has teamed up with the likes of Facebook and Google to enable SMEs to easily access the world of paid ads. With Shopify Marketing, you can create, manage and track …

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G Suite accessibility

G Suite Accessibility

G Suite apps come with a variety of accessibility features. This video looks at some of the basics.

G Suite provides recommendations for browsers, screen readers, and Google Admin console settings, in order to provide the best experience possible for G Suite users with disabilities.

Smart Reply video

Smart Reply for Gmail

Smart Reply is now on Gmail for iOS and Android users. It provides prewritten responses to emails received, and now 1 in 8 email replies uses this feature in inbox.

The average employee receives about 120 emails per day, and answering these on the go can be difficult, especially if you just need to fire off a quick response.

Google Vault logo

Google Vault

Google Vault stores all your business data and from it you are able to search and export the data you need. As well as supporting files in Google Drive and Team Drives, Google Vault supports email messages, Hangout chats with history turned on, Google Talk chats that are on the record and Google Groups.

TeamDrive logo

TeamDrive: Collaborate & Store Files

TeamDrive is a file management solution for teams. It is a way to sync and share information with your team easily and securely with 256 bit end to end encryption. Files are encrypted on your device before they are uploaded, meaning that not even the service provider knows the contents of your files. TeamDrive can be used on the cloud or on your own server – or both in parallel – and will synchronise your data between various devices, even when you are offline.

Hangouts Meet

Meet Hangouts Meet!

Hangouts Meet from Google is a new video conferencing experience, the aim of which is to make joining meetings an easy process and chat more collaborative, so that people can work from anywhere at any time.

Hangout Meets is a light and fast interface. It loads quickly and is more reliable than ever. You simply start your meeting with a shared link.


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