Changing Customer Direct Debit Details on GoCardless

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This article explains how to change the bank details for a customer on their direct debit for GoCardless.


Your Options For GoCardless


There are two ways in which this can be achieved. Firstly, the customer can phone GoCardless directly, and after answering a few security questions they can change the details over the phone. The number for this is 02071838674 and GoCardless are available to contact between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Secondly, there is an internal process that will require minimal effort from your customer, making this process more streamlined and professional. This internal process includes removing the current direct debit from the customers’ account and setting up a new direct debit with the new bank details. Read on for your easy to follow steps below.



You will need to login to GoCardless. It is important to check that you are in GoCardless and not GoCardless for Xero. This can be confirmed on the left-hand side of the screen and should look like the below image.

Go to GoCardless website



Next, you will need to navigate down the left-hand side menu to the ‘customers’ tab. This is shown below.

Click Customers in the GoCardless menu



From the customer list that you are now presented with, locate the customer you wish to edit the details of. Click on this customer and you will be presented with their page. On this page, you will see details such as name, email, address, bank details, and payment history. On this page, you will also see several buttons. This is a good point to double-check you have chosen the right customer! Once you have confirmed this is the correct customer, click the button entitled ‘Cancel’ as shown below and confirm when presented with a popup.

Click cancel in GoCardless



After you have completed the above steps, you should check that the status now shows as Inactive rather than Active like before. What you should be presented with is shown below.

See the inactive status in GoCardless



Next, you will need to move over to GoCardless for Xero. Do this by clicking the link to GoCardless for Xero as shown in the image below.

Click GoCardless for Xero



Once you are in GoCardless for Xero, you will need to navigate to the customers’ page by clicking the link in the left-hand side menu as shown in the image below.

Click the Customer option in GoCardless



Once again, use the search bar to find the customer you are making changes to. Once you have found them in the list, to the right of their company names, you will see the options as seen in the image below. Then, click the button with three dots in it…

View the cross under the mandate status in GoCardless



Upon clicking the button with the three dots you will be presented with the below menu, you will then need to press the copy button as shown. You will know this has been copied as a grey box will appear below the copy button saying ‘Copied!’. The next step is to send the copied link to the customer so that they can set up a new direct debit with their new details.

Copy the link in GoCardless



Below is an image of what your customer would be presented with when they click the link that you have sent them. Once this has been filled out, the mandate status shown in the Step 7 Image will have a tick, showing that the direct debit has been correctly set up.

Set up direct debit on GoCardless


If you would like any more information, you can get in touch! If you are interested in our Xero services, you can find them here.


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