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Your brain can hold 2.5 petabytes of memories*… isn’t that amazing? All of those precious memories stored away, it’s remarkable.

So what am I asking you to do? Don’t even begin thinking about how much space you fill your brain with low-skill day-to-day menial tasks, and ACT instead.

Claim your brain space back and think more clearly, be able to make sensible and beneficial decisions. And more importantly, make room for what really matters to you. After all, the super successful business people of the world aren’t bothered by these tasks – they’re able to enjoy their free time without obsessing about work. The good news is you can do the same!

What is your brain space filled with?

Manual Data Entry

As time goes on, it becomes less scalable and less cost-effective. So, what can you do?

Inventory Management

A big stress on businesses can be inventory management. Spreadsheets are where most businesses start, but they quickly become bulky and cause more harm than good. Innovation such as cloud-based software has changed the way businesses can grow. Being able to future-proof your business is now more possible than ever. Plus, software such as Unleashed, adds greater flexibility and more functionality to business processes. 

Ecommerce Store

Managing your orders shouldn’t feel impossible! If your ecommerce store doesn’t speak to your inventory management, you’re missing out on a life-changing development. The impact of manual data entry is becoming recognised more and more. Reduced productivity is a real problem for a growing business, and it can be attributed to time spent on repetitive, easily automated tasks. 


Fintech has revolutionised the way we approach accounting. Your accounting software can send data directly to HMRC. With time saved and less human errors through the use of automation, you can focus on improving and marketing your business. Xero, the cloud-accounting software is designed with everyone in mind, helping to sensibly report key data in a user-friendly and jargon-free way. 


Having to update a spreadsheet after every email? For a business just starting, it can be a cost-saving process but in the long-run, it can begin to have negative effects. A truly brilliant tool is an automated CRM. This gives greater visibility by capturing emails as they are sent and received, and can save a massive amount of time. CRM automation will give your business a tangible boost as you will be able to better manage customers and get a real-time view of their status. An automated CRM means there is less to remember as you are able to schedule reminders and free up that precious brain space!

You can save your business from the impacts of bad data:

  • Returning customers not coming back as often
  • Upselling opportunities missed
  • Traffic to your website slowing down
  • Order shipments going MIA
  • Email bounce rate skyrocketing
  • Customer service issues on the rise
  • Mismatched reports wasting time and money
  • Simple tasks taking what feels like years to complete
  • Suffering a decline in sales

We don’t say this to scare you, as minimising and avoiding these bad-data related problems is completely attainable. By using these industry-leading developments you can claim your time back and actually enjoy running a business.

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