Want to Ensure Your Emails Are Confidential? Now You Can

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In Gmail there is a new setting that allows you to send confidential emails.

If you don’t want the information in your confidential email to be accessed outside a certain window of time, that’s now possible. Google Mail’s new confidentiality feature allows you to set time scales for when emails can be opened and read. The sender is also able to revoke access to the email as they see fit.

What’s more, you can now protect your emails with a verification passcode. This means that you can send an email, but the recipient must enter the verification passcode in order to open and read the email.

A confidential email will disallow several options from an email. The following options become unavailable:

  • Forward
  • Copy
  • Print
  • Download the contents
  • Read outside of the expiry date

How to turn on confidentiality mode when you send an email from Gmail.

How to turn on confidentiality mode.

Go to the settings at the bottom of the email composer. You will be given the option for an automatic expiry for an email – access to the email will be removed when the timer has expired.
The other option is where the recipient will have to use their mobile phone to verify access to the confidential email. The passcode is randomly generated and sent to the mobile phone number that the sender inputs, when they send the email.

If SMS passcode (verification) is selected, the sender is required to input the phone number of the recipient when the email is sent.

When the recipient receives the email, they will either see the screen below or the email that was sent, if they aren’t required to use an SMS passcode.

When the recipient has access to the email, they will see the expiry date of the email. The recipient loses access to the email once it has expired.

When the email expires this is what they will see. The sender can give access again whenever they so choose. The sender can also allow access and disallow access repeatedly.

If there is any particularly sensitive information enclosed in emails you send, this setting can be incredibly helpful.

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