A CRM System is Integral to Growing Your Business

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How do you store your customers’ information? A spreadsheet?

It’s so important that you capture quality data from your interactions with customers. A spreadsheet just doesn’t cut it.

Here are just a few reasons why implementing a CRM system is integral to growing your business:

  • Less manual work
  • One central place
  • Focused work

Less Manual Work

You don’t have to assign 3 people to keep your CRM up-to-date. With automated data pull-through such as contact details and a log of emails, it doesn’t need someone camped out in front of the computer inputting every email from a 20-long chain. No increased labour costs and less human errors, it’s a growing business’s dream!

Less manual work with a CRM system

One Central Place

A growing business relies on quality data and everyone staying up-to-date with customers.

Picture this:

Oh no! The employee that normally handles customer relationships is off sick.
Now the actions for today won’t get done. There’ll be twice as much to do tomorrow – IF they’re back!

This leads to a pile up of work and has a knock on effect on the speed of which new customers get interacted with – making your business look less responsive. And in this day and age, where you can order something to your location and have it delivered within a few hours, not replying to an email or call is unacceptable. Make sure your business doesn’t grind to a halt.

With a CRM system, you can give more than one employee access. Then, viewing previous and upcoming planned interactions is not limited to one person – helping to keep the wheels turning.  All communications are unified, you can see what their last interaction was and which member of your team it was with, allowing you to quickly pick up where they left off. No one slips through the cracks with a CRM system, even when your business is growing.

Keep everything all in one place using a CRM system

Focused Work

You can tag the status of a customer, such as prospect, new or customer, in most CRM systems. This type of segmentation can help you market your services effectively. Paying attention to the customers that have been with you a long time helps show that you value your loyal and long standing customers. With a CRM you can quickly and efficiently see who belongs to the ‘customer’ category and you can use this data, and the data showing what they’ve bought, to easily re-market products or services.

And instead of getting distracted looking for contact details, in a chunky spreadsheet that’s stored somewhere obscure, for the client that you’re scheduled to call in less than 10 minutes:

You can breathe.
Maybe have a coffee.
Check their notes.

It’s so easy to quickly tap their name into your CRM and see their preferred contact number.

Stay focused by using a CRM system

A CRM system really does streamline processes, not to mention the integrations available! We love helping businesses improve their processes through automation! If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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