Why Your Ecommerce Business Should Ditch Spreadsheets in Favour of Cloud Inventory Management Software

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Spreadsheets won’t scale with your business

Many small businesses use tools such as spreadsheets for inventory management. They can be incredibly versatile and adequate for when you are just starting out. However, there are limits to their functionality, and one of the most common problems businesses run into is that their inventory management spreadsheet won’t scale and grow with their business.

One of the main reasons for spreadsheets no longer meeting the needs of your expanding business is the substantial number of checks and updates that need to be done manually. These checks and updates are labour and time-intensive – time which could be spent on other areas of the business. It also relies on you putting time aside regularly to ensure that you keep your data up to date. In addition, manual systems are prone to error, meaning that you can never fully rely on the accuracy of your figures. This problem is exacerbated further if there are different versions of the spreadsheet, being updated by different members of your team.

Managing your stock in a spreadsheet becomes even more challenging when you begin diversifying your stock. Having to track an increased volume of inventory takes even longer and means an even greater risk of making mistakes.

How this affects your customers

It can be that the knock-on effect of all the above is a reduction in the quality of customer service. Finding that you are unable to fulfill an order due to an out of date or inaccurate set of figures will damage your customer relationships and ultimately your profitability.


The solution: Cloud Inventory Management Software

You put your heart and soul into running your business with longevity at the forefront of your mind. So, when your business starts growing, you want an inventory management solution that will be suitable for your business for years to come. In other words, it will:

  • update your data automatically
  • scale as your business grows
  • accommodate your increase in inventory and orders

And of course, all of this will make sure that you can still provide the best quality service possible to each customer.

Cloud inventory management software, such as Unleashed, does all this and more. You can:

  • Have multiple users in multiple locations who can access accurate and up-to-date data
  • Integrate your stock management software with your accounting software and ecommerce store, so that it automatically updates stock levels etc., ensuring that the figures are always up to date
  • See your actual profitability on sales
  • Track batches and serial numbers
  • Quickly generate reports as well as accurately forecast trends
  • Easily identify dead stock
  • Greatly increase and improve communication with customers suppliers


Our client, ProtectaPet, based in Stoke-on-Trent, discovered the great difference Unleashed’s cloud-based inventory management software made to their business. To hear their story, click here.


As an Unleashed Partner, OutserveWeb are the go-to for implementing and integrating the fantastically versatile software, as well as providing services such as custom reporting!

Read more about Unleashed here.

To contact us for more information, click here.

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