Ecommerce Fulfilment Trends 2019

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E-commerce fulfilment has a huge impact on consumers’ opinions of your business. The more efficient, quick and value for money, the more likely it is that you will gain repeat business. In this article, we explore the upcoming trends in e-commerce fulfilment to help businesses stay ahead of the game

Unleashed Fulfilment

Rethink Your Packaging Size

Designing products and packaging comes with important consideration as the size of a product determines shipping and warehousing costs. Take into consideration the impact of large packaging and resources needed to protect your product in transit and as a consequence, the cost.

Utilise Space Within and Around Packaging

Decrease your wasted space in your packaging to ensure you can effectively stack products, whether it be for warehousing or transportation. This could enable you to ship even more products. You can easily customise designs the outer of the boxes and utilise this space for advertising.
Boost Warehouse Efficiency.

Relying on warehousing networks is necessary to complete order fulfilment. It is imperative to stay up-to-date with systems and processes – especially since robotic systems have become more available and affordable for businesses. It is key that space is being used efficiently. Regular reviews of processes enables a constant improvement in overall customer satisfaction. At OutserveWeb, we would recommend stock management software, Unleashed, which gives you the ability to control your order process end to end.

Organise Deliveries to Suit the Consumers

Rapid delivery of purchases have come to be expected by both businesses and consumers. Decreasing packaging can lower the overall ordering cost, which allows for the increase that comes with quick delivery. The key is to build a fulfilment network efficiently. The importance of an efficient fulfilment network is delivering as close to instant gratification as possible – this encourages repeat custom; the faster consumers receive their products, the more value for money they feel they have received.


Satisfying rapidly changing consumer and business demands in this way will help to maximise revenue and future-proof business for forward-thinking e-commerce companies.


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To find out about our partner, Unleashed, and their stock management software click here.

Here at OutserveWeb, we can help you both implement and integrate the software you need for a seamless, automated ordering and fulfillment process. Get in touch here.

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