10 Ecommerce Trends For 2019

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If you thought 2018 was fast-paced and full of developing technology, 2019 will knock you off your feet. With Augmented Reality and omnichannel presence taking leaps forward in the world of e-commerce, 2019 is set to revolutionise even the smallest of online businesses.

e-commerce trends 2018

1. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality were first brought to consumers’ attention in the 1990’s. Since then, they have rocketed in popularity, and e-commerce businesses are latching onto this trend by introducing them to their customers. An example of this is IKEA’s app, which allows customers to view items in situ in their home before purchase. This technology has rippled through the world of interior design and, as a consequence, ‘try before you buy’ apps are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. This solution will soon bridge the gap between online retail and being able to provide a true view of the product.

e-commerce trends 2018

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to hook your audience into visiting your site again and again. Furthermore, content marketing enables your business to put across the right message to your audience and build your brand awareness. The great benefit of content marketing is its shareability and potential wide reach. 

e-commerce trends 2018

3. Omnichannel Presence & Shoppable Posts

With the rise of the digital age, e-commerce businesses have recognised that consumers don’t want to have to leave their social media to go to a website in order to make a purchase. Many social media apps have understood this problem and have introduced a solution – shoppable posts. It is even believed that this native social selling will overtake sales directly on websites. This trend is all about reducing the steps in the buyer’s journey. For example, it is far easier to contact a business directly through social media channels than researching to seek out information such as phone numbers and email addresses. Furthermore, it is important to be responsive and accessible on a wide range of platforms. So, creating an omnichannel presence will take your business a long way.

e-commerce trends 2018

4. Complex Shopping Behaviour

Shopping behaviour is complex and online retailers must and tailor their provision to it or miss out. An example of this is saving your customer’s session so that they can continue where they left off on return to the site. This means that they are not forced to complete the action or lose everything.

e-commerce trends 2018

5. Mobile E-commerce

Web apps are becoming more and more progressive and as a result, mobile e-commerce is going to get much faster and more responsive.

e-commerce trends 2018

6. Voice Search

Research suggests voice searches will be 50% of all searches by 2020. The number of Amazon Echo and Google Home Hubs purchased has multiplied and, as a result, there has been a massive increase in voice searches. This means e-commerce businesses are encouraged to optimise voice search.

e-commerce trends 2018

7. Subscriptions

Automation is a key theme throughout the trends predicted for 2019. One way to automate things is by providing a subscription service. Frequent-use products and services lend themselves very nicely to subscription purchases. This allows businesses to build lasting relationships with consumers and to nurture customer loyalty. To a certain extent, it also ties customers into your business, as switching is perceived as a big effort. It also makes re-ordering easy and saves time for both the customer and the business. 

e-commerce trends 2018

8. Dropshipping

Another trend for 2019 is dropshipping. Dropshipping requires your business to act as the middleman between the manufacturer/supplier and the customer – with you never actually physically handling the product. The business processes the purchase and the product gets shipped directly to the customer – broadening your online reach and reducing costs for storage.

e-commerce trends 2018

9. Activist Consumers

Consumers now have access to more information than ever, enabling them to make more informed choices regarding what they purchase. As a result, these consumer values will strongly influence behaviour toward issues such as wasteful packaging and how two-day shipping affects the environment.

e-commerce trends 2018

10. Smarter Payment Processing

Payment processing is going to get a lot smarter in 2019. Because it is a vital stage in the customer journey, it could make or break a conversion – so a lot of emphasis has been put on making the payment process easier and more convenient for the consumer.


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