FAQ Page

Improve Customer Relationships by Providing the Perfect FAQ Page

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Don’t Let Your FAQ Page Become an AfterthoughtAn FAQ page is vital to ensuring more business from your site, this is particularly important for ecommerce businesses. Not only is it a great trust-builder but also great for conversions and…
John Lewis Next Marks and Spencer

Follow Next and John Lewis to Ecommerce Success

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At the beginning of January each year, all of the big retailers announce their results.As titans of the high street, John Lewis and Next are often seen as bellwethers of the retail sector, and are usually among the first to report how well…
e-commerce trends 2018

10 E-commerce Trends For 2019

If you thought 2018 was fast-paced and full of developing technology, 2019 will knock you off your feet. With Augmented Reality and omnichannel presence taking leaps forward in the world of e-commerce, 2019 is set to revolutionise even the smallest…
Holiday Season Stock Management

7 Mistakes E-commerce Businesses Make

Running an e-commerce business can be both rewarding and profitable. However, many businesses make mistakes that can cost them dearly. Here are 7 mistakes made by e-commerce businesses and ways to get back on track.1. No LogoHaving a recognisable…
Fulfilment Trends

E-commerce Fulfilment Trends 2019

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E-commerce fulfilment has a huge impact on consumers’ opinions of your business. The more efficient, quick and value for money, the more likely it is that you will gain repeat business. In this article, we explore the upcoming trends in e-commerce…
Black Friday

How to Prepare For a Successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Shopify

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Back Friday (on Friday 23rd November 2018) and Cyber Monday (on Monday 26th November 2018) are a great opportunity to build lasting customer relationships. Delivering an outstanding service during this time will help you to show off your brand…
stock management

Seasonal Stock Management Mayhem - and How to Avoid it!

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A detailed list of all the things you need to do in the run-up to Christmas, in order to make this holiday season's order fulfilment a success.Considerations:Data Automation Managing Supply and Demand Budget Timing …

Marketing Is Easy With 'Marketing in Shopify'

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‘For ecommerce businesses, paying for ads is the new rent’ - Daniel Patricio, ShopifyMarketing in ShopifyShopify has just introduced ‘Marketing in Shopify’. Shopify has teamed up with the likes of Facebook and Google to enable SMEs…
move from one e-commerce platform to another

How to Move From One E-commerce Platform to Another

Why Move?If your online store is getting bigger, you might find that your online e-commerce platform no longer serves you as well as it used to. A wider offering might mean that you now need access to certain features, more technical support…
B2B e-commerce trends - businessman with smartphone

B2B E-Commerce: Key Trends in 2018

A look at the key B2B e-commerce trends for 2018 and beyond, including integrated infrastructure, a tailored customer experience and mobile sales.