Eat Your Own Dog Food

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At OutserveWeb we always say that we ‘eat our own dog food’ and we were recently asked what this means. The expression might sound revolting to some people, but ‘eat your own dog food’ or ‘dogfooding’ means when an organisation uses its own product.

eat your own dog food

So where did the expression ‘eat your own dog food’ come from?

In fact, there are many speculations as to where this phrase came from but the most recurring theories are that of Alpo Dog Food, Kal Kan Pet Food and Microsoft.

Alpo Dog Food

The editor of IEEE Software spoke of this phrase in 2006 when recounting that in the 1970’s, advertisements for Alpo Dog Food included Lord Greene sharing that he fed Alpo to his own dogs, thus, eating one’s own dog food.

Kal Kan Pet Food

Albeit a rumour, it was said that the president of Kal Kan Pet Food would eat a can of his own dog food at shareholders’ meetings. – Another example of ‘eating your own dog food’.


In 1988, an email titled ‘ Eating Our Own Dog Food’ was sent by Microsoft Manager Paul Maritz to Brian Valentine, a test manager for Microsoft LAN Manager, with the aim of encouraging an increase in the usage of the company’s products internally. The title of this email, ‘Eating Our Own Dog Food’, caught on throughout the company.

So, why ‘eat your own dog food’?

It may not bring the most pleasant of images to mind, however, ‘eating your own dog food’ is extremely beneficial to both a business and its customers. Here’s how:

  • ‘Dogfooding’ demonstrates the business’s confidence in its product or service by using it themselves.
  • It also ensures excellent quality as the provider will experience the product or service from the user’s perspective. As a result, the provider will discover any pitfalls or discrepancies and iron out any potential issues to make sure that what the consumer receives is of the best quality. You can therefore consider ‘dogfooding’ as a form of quality control.
  • As a result, ‘dogfooding’ can also be used as testimonial advertising by the provider.

Which of our systems do we use internally at OutserveWeb?

We use most of the systems that we install and integrate for our clients. These include the following for example:

  • Xero (including Xero Projects and a number of add-ons)
  • Shopify e-commerce platform
  • MailChimp email marketing platform
  • HubSpot CRM system
  • G Suite (Google apps)     etc.


Get in touch

Think of implementing any of the above systems for your business? Get in touch here or ring us on 01785 244080.

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