Editing Your Shopify Store Just Got Easier

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Shopify announced some brilliant new features at their event, Shopify Unite and you’ll want to go and explore them straight away!

Bonus! You don’t need to understand complicated code in order to personalise and edit your Shopify store. Thanks to these new features you can spend more time marketing your business, rather than having to spend a large amount of time on small changes.


What have Shopify introduced? Find out below:

Be More Flexible with In-Section Editing

Now, you can access section-based editing to any page on your online store! Shopify is enabling merchants to have “ultimate flexibility to create and customize pages to their needs”. 

Have Better Control Content with Master Pages

Shopify have brought out a new ‘Master Pages’ feature which allows you to define the content that will appear on multiple pages. Changes to the page under a specific page type can be made by editing the master page.

Setup Faster with Starting Points

Themes in Shopify will now offer starting points. These starting points are a selection of pre-configured content blocks – making setup even faster! It’s even easier to populate content sections with your own content.

Move Content Easily with Content Portability

You won’t have to worry about trying to move content from theme to theme. This is because Shopify has changed so that content is no longer stored in themes. You can now switch between themes without having to transfer your content manually.

Try New Things with Drafts

This is one of my favourites! Shopify are introducing a draft feature. It has been described as a ‘safe place’ for you to make changes to your store prior to publishing. You can edit to perfection without your pages becoming unavailable and then publish them when you’re ready!

Find It Easier to Do More with Improved User interface

Navigating your store creation is now even more intuitive. The new interface will make all of these features more accessible and easier to use! You can use the new features to keep your store looking fresh and on-brand.

Increased Flexibility with Shopify Features

We love Shopify as it provides endless possibilities for ecommerce businesses. Selling online has never been so easy, especially with the help of our team.

If you have questions, we have answers, get in touch here.

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