Email Marketing Boosts Specialist Mortgage Company

Specialist high-end mortgage broker, James Evans Financial Services, wanted regular emails to go out to their UK and overseas clients. They recognised the importance of staying in touch with their clients, but due to time constraints and the day-to-day demands of their international business, needed some additional support with this. James Evans was referred to OutserveWeb’s digital marketing team by another client. Joy Moore, Finance Manager at James Evans, explains,

“We wanted our email communications to be as professional as possible. OutserveWeb spend time understanding our needs and the team gives us the technical and design support we need.”

James Evans, which delivers solutions for high-net-worth individuals and entities, provides OutserveWeb with recent success stories and the latest market rates – and we do the rest. In addition, we manage the subscriber list and publish the success stories to the James Evans blog on their website each month. Joy says,

“The newsletter gives us a platform to showcase the work we have done for our clients. It also helps keep us at the forefront of our clients’ minds when they are looking to refinance or take out a mortgage, for example.”

Logo of James Evans Financial Services
Email marketing has a return on investment of 3800%, according to the Direct Marketing Association. It is, therefore, very important to optimise emails with the right design, content, tone, subject line and calls to action. Joy says,

“The team at OutserveWeb are professional and responsive and produce a quality email every month, which fits the bill perfectly for James Evans. I would highly recommend their email marketing service to any business.”

City at night illustrating client communications

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