End-to-End Batch Traceability for Pharmaceutical Business, NuVision

Logo of NuVision who wanted batch traceability
Regenerative medicine company, NuVision, based in Nottingham, manufacturers a platform technology focusing on treating front of the eye disease and trauma from the human waste material, amnion. They needed a fast and flexible manufacturing process that would give end-to-end traceability of every item used in the manufacture of their product, Omnigen, which is used by clinical and veterinary surgeons tasked for treating front of the eye indications. NuVision were using a different software system, which didn’t offer easy traceability. It also had limited flexibility and reporting capability. NuVision Manager, Adrian Del Arenal, says,

“We needed a new system that would allow us to trace all materials used in the production of Omnigen, right down to the individual NHS donor and the scalpel used in the amnion processing.”

Amnion, the inner-most layer of the foetal membrane surrounding the foetus during pregnancy, has been found to have healing properties for eyes. The product is created under aseptic laboratory conditions but, once dried and sealed in a pack, has a very long shelf life and can be transported to and used effectively in hot and dusty war zones, for example. Once in the affected eye, Omnigen, will help the healing process straight away. In order to be able to provide this immediately accessible, consistent high quality, and reliable product, batch traceability was of paramount importance for NuVision. Adrian says,

“We approached inventory management software company, Unleashed, and they referred us to OutserveWeb, one of their partners. The team at OutserveWeb set up the Unleashed system for us and integrated it with the accounting system, Xero.”

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In addition, OutserveWeb trained NuVision staff in the Unleashed system and now provide the pharmaceutical company with 24/7 support.

“Now we have Unleashed, we have full traceability throughout the lifecycle of our products, at a fraction of the cost of our previous system. Thanks to OutserveWeb, we got up and running quickly with Unleashed and know the team are always on hand to answer any questions we might have about the system.”


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