Turn Physical Catalogues & Brochures Into Online Flipbooks

Rather than printing and distributing your brochure why not turn it into an online flipbook? Any digital page content can now be transformed into a virtual document where the pages turn on-screen. And there are many reasons that this high-tech product/service showcasing tool is revolutionising digital reading:

  1. Accessibility. A digital flipbook is easily accessible online and you can include a link to it in your email newsletter, email signature, social media etc. It therefore has the potential to be seen by more people than a printed brochure, which can only be read by one person at a time.
  2. Savings. A digital brochure will save you all the printing and distribution costs of a physical brochure, and when you heed to amend the content, it can be updated much more easily and cost-effectively.
  3. Impact. Apart from looking professional, a flipbook demonstrates that your company is embracing new technology.
  4. Links. A digital brochure can contain links throughout the content to products, services, other companies and organisations, adding much more value than a print version.
  5. Flexibility. A flipbook is very versatile. It can be a catalogue, brochure, periodical, manual, comic book – in fact, anything you need it to be.

You can turn any PDF brochure into an online flipbook.

Below are just two examples of digital brochures that we can design for you:



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