G Suite Updates: Google Docs Capitalization & Calendar Admin

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In this blog post, we look at two new G Suite updates.

Google Docs ‘Capitalization’

G Suite have now made it easy to convert a large portion of text in Google Docs from all lowercase to uppercase and vice versa. All you do is highlight the text you want to alter, choose Capitalization from the Format menu in Docs and select from the following list:

  • lowercase – this makes all letters in your selection lowercase
  • UPPERCASE – this capitalises all letters in your selection
  • Title Case – this capitalises the first letter of each word in your selection

Google Docs updates - capitalization

This new feature will be rolled out over the next two weeks and is available to all G Suite editions.

Calendar and Calendar Resources Administrator Privileges

G Suite Super Administrators are users who can perform all tasks in the Admin console. Super Admins are able to assign system or custom administrator roles to their users. In a G Suite update, Super Administrators will now have additional control over how they grant access to the Calendar Settings section of the Admin console by assigning the new Calendar Resources or Calendar privileges to delegate admins.

Assigning these privileges will not allow management of resource calendars or user calendars via the Google Calendar App or Calendar API, but will instead grant access to the respective sections of the Admin Console App and via the Directory API.

Google Docs updates - calendar access

Full rollout of this new feature is happening now and is available to all G Suite editions.

G Suite’s Google Docs is a great way to create, edit and share documents. As it is web-based, files can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection and Google Docs is compatible with most presentation software and word processor applications, saving you time and effort.

For help getting started with Google Docs or Calendar, get in touch – or to explore the other G Suite apps, including Gmail, Sheets and Drive, click here.


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