Google Keep – New Features

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With Google Keep you can capture your thoughts anytime, anywhere. This video runs through the new features of Google Keep, which is now even more user-friendly. now has a mobile app on Android and iOS. To make a new note, you just start typing. And you can keep track of more than just text, as Keep also collects images, lists and drawings. Click on the Image icon for new image note and then choose an image from your computer or phone. In the mobile app, you can select an image from the library or you can take a new photo from the note. If a quick sketch or diagram would be more helpful, you can choose to draw – with options to use pen, marker or highlighter. Finally, you can click the list icon to create a list.

All three of these features can also be added to an existing note. Simply go to the drop-down dot menu and click on Add image, Add drawing or Show check boxes to turn it into a list etc.

If it’s not convenient to type notes, you can also use your voice. Simply hit the speaker icon and start talking when the microphone appears. Any note created with your voice creates both an audio recording and a text transcript. You can only create voice notes on the mobile app, but you can view, edit or delete them on any device.

You can also save online content as a note. When you find online content you’d like to keep, you simply tap Share and then select Keep. The Google Chrome extension works in the same way. If you want to save online content to Keep, you click the Google Chrome Keep extension in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and type in your new note. It automatically saves the note to Keep and embeds the a link to the website you are currently on.

You can share a note with others by clicking Share and then typing in the person’s name and email address. It’s now even easier to share through the GSuite core products such as Gmail, Drive and Docs. The integration works in both directions.

For more information about GSuite, click here. For help with Google Keep or GSuite, get in touch.


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