The Great Marketing Opportunity of Email Signatures

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With more and more interactions taking place online, instead of face-to-face, your email signature needs to become the equivalent of a business card.

Your email signature is a great space for marketing and you must take advantage of this opportunity! And, an email signature costs nothing.

The Vitals

Being able to quickly identify who you’ve been speaking to and how you can get in contact with them gives peace of mind to clients – and including a photo of yourself makes you appear more personable. Here’s a list of the vital information that should already be in your email signature:

  • Name
  • Job role
  • Company name
  • Company phone number
  • Website
  • Email

So what’s next?

Consistency and Brand Awareness

Well, there are a few things you should consider adding. Importantly, you don’t want to overcrowd the space. Remember, the eyes like order and so customers are more likely to look at a simple and informative email footer, than a crowded and messy one.

You don’t want to send mixed messages to customers. Be selective with what you choose to market and make sure your company is consistent throughout.  Imagine receiving an email from two employees at the same company but with different signatures. Not only can this be confusing, it also hinders brand awareness, and negatively affects your brand identity.

But what should you put there?

Utilise the space and boost brand awareness. Come across as practical and warm by including your image, logo and company colours. You can reflect your website and product branding into your emails, making sure every correspondence is recognisable.

Show off! Pick a few, and by a few, I mean three maximum, of your greatest achievements, partnerships and/or qualifications and include the badges/banners in your email signature. This is certain to help to increase conversions by proving expertise in your field.


Whether it be a simple link, a banner or small clickable image, add a call-to-action in your email signature.

Incorporate your company content such as:

  • Links to your blog
  • A free PDF download
  • Industry research
  • Information about events
  • A link to your podcasts
  • Webinars

Including the above adds value to your emails that customers appreciate. If you can recognise your target audience, be responsive and include extra valuable information into your emails, you are taking the right steps to boost conversions and customer satisfaction.

Similar to promoting company content, you can include offers and promotions.

Here are a few ideas of promotions you can include:

  • A free demo of a product
  • A free consultation for a service
  • A promotional video
  • An email recipient exclusive offer

Including eye-catching promotions will not only improve your click-through rate in the short term, but it will also encourage recipients to regularly check your email signature for offers and content.

You can use your email signature to show that your company is action-oriented and thoughtful by highlighting the key information, as well as including your social media links. Increasingly, customers to look to social media to get in touch. So make it easy for them, put social media icons into your signature and link them to your pages.

Quick Reminders

It’s exciting to know you can brand your emails, adding the logo, colours and offers! But don’t forget to add your disclaimers (if necessary).

Just less than half of all emails sent are opened on mobile devices and so it is important to consider mobile view and responsiveness. Ensuring you have not overcrowded the space and the signature is easy to read with simple and clear information, will go a long way in showing you care about your communications.

And, it’s all well and good including offers and promotions, but don’t forget to regularly check and remove out-of-date information.

Email Signature Tool

Now, I know running a business is time-consuming, so here’s an email signature generator – completely free to use, from HubSpot. It’s incredibly easy to fill out your information and click through layouts. You can personalise the colours and even add a super important call-to-action! Better yet, you can produce a uniform signature for your whole team.

If you are interested in automating your emails, without losing the personal touch, take a look at our digital marketing offerings, or contact us!

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