The Benefits for Ecommerce Businesses of Integrating Unleashed with Xero

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Ecommerce businesses need an inventory management system to effectively keep track of their stock movements. Unleashed inventory management software was one of the first applications to integrate with Xero’s cloud accounting system, and this integration brings a range of benefits for any business that carries stock. Integrating Unleashed with Xero gives you real-time information – particularly useful when completing transactions in Unleashed, such as credit notes, stock journals and receivables.

integrating Unleashed with Xero

Here’s what you can expect from the Xero – Unleashed integration.

Contact Updates

When you acquire a new customer or supplier, you create their information in Unleashed and this information is automatically created in Xero too.

Continual Stock Updates

Integrating Xero with Unleashed means you get instant visibility of all your stock movements. These movements are even reflected in your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.

Receivables Updates

When you complete a sale in Unleashed, that information is sent through to Xero. In addition, as stock moves, the stock value and the cost of sale is updated in Xero too.

Payable Transactions

As you receive stock, payable transactions for payment and reconciliation, including costing invoices, are sent by Unleashed to Xero.

Instant Reconciliation

To save you from hours of data manual input, Xero automatically reconciles your bank transactions, which ensures that your data in Unleashed and Xero matches.

There are also many ways to make your order system work smarter. Here are just two useful features:

Set credit limits

By setting credit limits for customers you can gain stricter control over outstanding invoices in Unleashed and Xero. The value of outstanding customer invoices will be automatically synced and updated in Xero and Unleashed.

Configure tracking categories in Unleashed

You can choose the tracking categories you want to be displayed in your Xero sales invoices and purchase orders using Xero’s Tracking Categories feature. This eliminates the need to add multiple account codes, making reporting easier.


For more information about integrating Unleashed with Xero, contact us here.

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