In The Spotlight: Matt Stockin

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It’s always nice to get to know the team. So, we took some time with our Accounts Technician, Matt Stockin, to find out more about him! The questions we ask cover favourite food, achievements and plans if Matt wins the lottery!

What is the best thing about working at OutserveWeb?

The best thing about working at OutserveWeb is that we are a very close-knit team. Everyone was so welcoming on my first day and continues to be every day. At OutserveWeb there is an incredibly supportive environment where learning is encouraged. I’m really enjoying being part of the team!

Matt likes the fact OutserveWeb are a close-knit team

What have you achieved so far during your time at OutserveWeb?

Within the first two weeks at OutserveWeb I had become Xero Advisor Certified, Xero Payroll Certified, a Hubdoc Certified Xero Partner, had completed the Unleashed academy and all round settled into my role as accounts technician. I am excited to see what I achieve next.

Matt has gained lots of certifications since joining OutserveWeb

What do you do in your spare time?

I mostly spend my spare time with my family and friends. When I am on my own, I do watch a lot of TV shows and movies. I don’t have a favourite film. I do however have a favourite Christmas film, and that is It’s A Wonderful Life. It’s A Wonderful Life is a film about a family man who doesn’t realise how much everyone thinks of him. I find the ending very poignant. 

Matt has a favourite Christmas film.

What’s your favourite music?

My musical taste ranges drastically. It can depend completely on the task I am working on or mood I want to be in. I can listen to 80’s charts, modern R&B and recent ballads; all in the same playlist. I like music with well written and meaningful lyrics but occasionally do listen to soundtrack scores – these have no lyrics at all. I listen to what the composer is portraying through their music.

Matt listens to lots of different types of music.

What would you do if you won the Lottery?

My aim in life is to design and build my own home, winning the lottery would greatly help me to achieve this goal! My dream home would be covered in technology, from in-house two-way audio cameras, an electronic thermostat and smart home devices littered everywhere, to garages for my cars and a big cinema style TV. My dream car, as boring as it sounds, is a top range Audi A5 Sportback, I’ve wanted this car since I was a kid. If I won the lottery I would definitely go and buy it, immediately! I would give money to my family and support them in their ventures. I would also love to go travelling to see the world and try lots of different foods.

Matt would like to build his own home.

What’s your favourite food?

I like a very wide range of food and I am always open to trying different cuisines. My favourite of them all though, would be a Chinese take away. My go-to is the special all-the-meats chow mien and sweet and sour battered chicken balls. I am however very fond of crispy seaweed and satay chicken.

Matt's favourite food in Chinese.

If you enjoyed getting to know a little more about Matt Stockin, be sure to check out the rest of our In The Spotlight posts to meet the rest of our lovely team!

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