In The Spotlight: Robert Harris

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We interviewed Robert Harris, Web Technician at OutserveWeb to find out what makes him tick…

Why did you choose to do the IT apprenticeship course?

My father is an electrician so I grew up around computers and machines and naturally took an interest.

Between college and a part-time job, I practised coding for games in my spare time. After a while of doing this, I took an interest in website development and decided to take a step back and consider a different career path. This is what lead me to apply for the IT apprenticeship with OutserveWeb.

Coding - Robert Harris

What have you achieved so far during your time at OutserveWeb?


I have vastly developed my web development and customer relations skills by creating and editing websites in line with client requirements.

My job at OutserveWeb is the first job I’ve had where I truly enjoy my work and look forward to coming in to further the designs I am working on.

Robert Harris

What is the best thing about working at OutserveWeb?


The best thing has to be the team. Everyone at OutserveWeb is very friendly and easy to get on with. This environment makes it easier to communicate and improve our productivity.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy playing games in my spare time. Gaming largely takes up my time as there is always a new game or adventure to be had. The sense of accomplishment you get from completing a game is just satisfying for me. It feels like I have conquered the challenge the game designers have set.

When I’m not playing a game, I enjoy a book to wind down. Typically I go for fantasy/adventure genres, but have read several others.

RS4 - Robert Harris

If you could live in any video game what would it be and why?


It would be a close decision between the Dark Souls games and the Destiny games. The Dark Souls games have such an incredible story and beautiful artwork, but they are renowned for their difficulty and punishment for mistakes. The Destiny games would be interesting as you can travel to various different planets and interact with various different alien races. If I had to choose between the two, I would choose the Dark Souls games.

What is your favourite book?

I haven’t read them in a while, but my favourite series would be the Spooks series by Joseph Delaney. The Spooks books were the first books I ever read where I wanted the next book to come out so I could continue the story. The story follows a young boy by the name of Thomas Ward who is training to protect his hometown from various threats.

What three things would you take to a desert island

  1. A large boat with a full tank of fuel
  2. A satellite phone
  3. Food

I’d use the boat to get myself back home as quickly as possible. I chose a large boat so it would be able to make it safely through any unexpected weather.

I picked a satellite phone so I could communicate with emergency services and family members to aid my return home.

Of course, I chose food so that I could survive the trip.

Boat - Robert Harris

What is your favourite food?


My favourite food has to be lamb shanks, chips and mixed vegetables with a little mint sauce on the side.

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