Linn Academy 2019 – What You Need to Know

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OutserveWeb’s Team attended Linn Academy, here are the main points we feel are most actionable and important for ecommerce businesses!

  • They ask. You answer.” – This relates to being transparent with pricing.
  • Know-it-alls to learn-it-alls.” – The growth mindset will help your team to evolve and become more successful.
  • That’s interesting, tell me more.” – Listening to your consumers and providing them with quality content.
  • Near misses are openly and transparently reported.” –  It’s not enough just to notice it, you must act on these findings.
  • The ecommerce industry’s biggest challenge is totally embracing change.

They ask. You answer.

Marcus Sheridan wisely stated that consumers are able to access information incredibly quickly. And so, if your business website is lacking, customers will not search for the information. They will look elsewhere. 

This relates to most businesses in terms of pricing. Not being consistent with pricing without an explanation or guide means that customers are less likely purchase from your business. Without an understanding of price, we naturally become distrustful as we feel we are being kept in the dark. 

With a clear price or an explanation of why prices might differ, you can help customers feel confident and in control. The key message from Linn Academy to ecommerce businesses is that empowering the customer through transparency is the way forward.

“Honest & transparent content is the best sales tool…in the world. Period.” – Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan at Linn Academy

Know-it-alls to learn-it-alls.

This is particularly important for a growing team. Ecommerce businesses can thrive by supporting employees personal and professional development. It’s important for your business to stay at the forefront of advancements in your industry so that you can provide the best services and products to your customers.

Know-it-alls do not progress or add as much value as learn-it-alls. Encouraging enthusiasm and aspiration is in your interest, you will be reciprocated with motivated and highly driven members of staff.

Relating back to “They ask. You Answer.”, there is a need to be open to learning in order to boost your business by answering customers’ questions. If you aren’t sure of customer’s question, the lazy way out (and poor customer service) is to say no. But the way forward, the way you can boost your businesses reputation, is by finding out

Matthew Syed at Linn Academy

That’s interesting, tell me more.

Don’t be an auto-responder. Be surprising and refreshing. It’s become human nature to respond to questions with almost automated type responses, for example:

“Are you okay?”

“I’m good.”

Whereas, responding with something like “Unbelievable” is different and intriguing. This is an idea you can adapt to your business, from Jeremy Miller. 

You want your customers to engage with your content and Linn Academy 2019 highlighted the importance of being both different and answering customers questions. 

It’s no good shoveling out 5 blog posts a week if none of them strike a chord with your target audience. It is imperative to make sure sure that your blog is genuinely providing value to your customers and business as a whole. Reviewing your stats in Google analytics can help you to analyze the success of each post as well as helping to identify subject areas that are popular, and those that are not.

Jeremy Miller at Linn Academy

Near misses are openly and transparently reported.

Often, we find it very easy to spot short falls and issues. But b
eing brave enough to address near misses is much harder. The important thing to note is that businesses that are open and honest about room for improvement are able to drastically improve their offering and skill set – as well as identifying areas for development and training. As an ecommerce business, it’s vital that you embrace change.

Callum Campbell at Linn Academy

The ecommerce industry’s biggest challenge is totally embracing change.

We learnt from the Ecommerce Seller Panel that change is something to be embraced and it is integral to the growth of a business. Being open to the adoption of new marketing processes and platforms such as Instagram and Facebook is the future of ecommerce.

It’s really easy to build a brand and because of that, you need to focus on what makes you different. Ensuring that you go forward with a positive attitude to change and flexibility will help to future-proof your business.

This is a great reminder of the importance of social proof and regular interaction as we realise that a human approach to automation is the best way to connect and empathize with our customers.

Seller panel at Linn Academy 2019

As the ecommerce industry continues to develop, we understand the greater need for automation. We are automation experts and partnered with industry-leading ecommerce solutions. You can ask all of your automation questions and get in touch here!



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