New B2B Website Sees Orders Rocket for Wholesale Business

Improved Website Improved Efficiency

Atlas Flowers is a successful wholesale ecommerce business, focused on delivering high-quality products inspired by nature to retailers and creatives globally. Managing Directors, Rob Copsey and Bernadette Newman wanted to develop their business in order to provide an improved service for their customers. OutserveWeb has a wealth of expertise in the implementation and integration of ecommerce solutions and so Bernadette and Rob felt comfortable coming to OutserveWeb for a new website. 

OutserveWeb and Atlas Flowers worked closely to ensure that the new website conveyed exactly the right message whilst also improving functionality; 

“Our new website has enabled me to claim my time back and really focus on growing and improving other areas of the business.”

Bernadette Newman – Director

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Integrated Stock Management for Better Control and Visibility

Previously, customers could only order in box quantities. In order to provide a more versatile service to better suit a diverse customer base Atlas Flowers’ new website enables customers to order by the bunch. We made this possible using our Unleashed Inventory Management and integration expertise along with collaboration from Atlas Flowers’ warehouse teams.

“Integrated stock management has helped customers to have greater control over their orders, resulting in larger order values as well as giving Atlas Flowers a much needed boost in visibility of our systems and processes. “

Rob Copsey – Director

Orders placed on Woocommerce are automatically received in Unleashed for order fulfillment by the warehouse. Accounting can be managed by the Atlas accounting team with transactions automatically updated to Xero accounting Software

Integration to Stock Management and Accounts

New WooCommerce Functionality and Design Increases Sales

OutserveWeb helped Atlas Flowers to provide additional options to their customers. This level of customisation was achieved through the development of a new WooCommerce website.

Easing the customer journey was the top priority for Atlas Flowers and so ensuring that their valued customers could navigate their website and be provided with relevant and helpful information was key. OutserveWeb’s website development team created a user-friendly mega menu which made it easier for customers to see Atlas’s extensive product range. Atlas Flowers and OutserveWeb worked together to refine categories and this greatly aided the creation of customer-focused search functions throughout the website. Importantly, by including search tags, we have enabled the preview of products from the search bar – helping to present customers with results quickly, saving them time. 

“OutserveWeb have helped us to deliver an even better service to our customers. Since the introduction of our new B2B website, we have received more orders than ever before – and even the average order value has increased!”

Bernadette Newman – Director

Taking it one step further, OutserveWeb added the ability to use filters when browsing through products. Atlas Flowers have seen immediate improvements in the usage of their website. Using the latest in  advanced visitor tracking tools has been able to demonstrate the massively positive impact that adding greater searchability has had, including the amount of clicks on these features increasing dramatically, especially when compared to their previous site.

“Our new website is more intelligent, with the added search functionality we have already seen an increase in engagement with our website and more orders as a result!”

Rob Copsey – Director

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As a wholesale ecommerce business, Atlas Flowers required the ability to clearly communicate to customers.

OutserveWeb’s dedicated team assisted Atlas Flowers with the creation of additional web pages, in order to better serve customers. Notably, the FAQ page came top of the list. It was important for Atlas Flowers to provide a go-to space for customers looking for answers. Providing this page enabled both Rob and Bernadette as well as customers to save precious time. Bernadette stated that their new website had enabled them to continue to “deliver a truly high-quality service” to their customers.

Overall, the new website has exceeded expectations and notably improved customer experience. More importantly, the new B2B website has empowered Rob and Bernadette with greater insights into their customers’ behaviour. This has meant that they can better tailor their offering to suit the needs of their customers, increasing sales and order values as a result.

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OutserveWeb continues to support Atlas Flowers and we are looking  forward to helping with further business automation. 

“We love working with OutserveWeb as our ongoing partner; they are always on hand to advise us. The OutserveWeb team are keen to help us advance our website and they were able to make our new site sophisticated and user-friendly.”

Rob Copsey – Director

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