The following video from Microsoft looks at the latest updates for Office 365 in December 2017.

PowerPoint Morph

PowerPoint Morph can be combined with 3D graphics to create smooth, cinematic transitions in PowerPoint. Furthermore, Morph has special capabilities when it comes to text.

When you select the Morph transition, there’s a drop-down on the right to select text effects. These options enable you to move and transition words on your slide to emphasize your message. These transitions include changes in text alignment, size, and colour.

Morph can also rearrange individual characters on your slide to create a dramatic transition.

Resume Builder

LinkedIn Resume Assistant provides intelligent tools to help job seekers improve their CVs, right from within Word.

Here are some of the things it can do:

  • It shows you how top people in their field represent their work experience.
  • It helps you identify the most important skills for the type of job you’re seeking to help you increase your discoverability.
  • It allows you to customise your CV  to appeal to recruiters based on real job postings in LinkedIn.

Resume Assistant in Microsoft Word began rolling out in early November to Office 365 subscribers that are enrolled in the Office Insiders program on Windows Desktop.

LinkedIn Learning

The Office Team has introduced curated, video-based training integrated into the software, including in-depth content from LinkedIn Learning.

For example, if you’re in PowerPoint and want to learn how to create a professional-looking title slide, just type “Designer” in the Tell Me bar and then watch the video on how to use PowerPoint Designer.

Office Tutorials

Microsoft has developed a set of product tours that help users get started with Office 365. The tours allow you to review the latest feature enhancements to Office 365 applications on Windows and MacOS. The tours are also interactive so you can try out each skill without ever leaving the tour.

In Excel for Windows desktops, not only is there a tour that covers all of Excel’s basic features, but there’s a new, separate, interactive tutorial on how to create a pivot table.


Co-authoring is working with someone else on the same document or spreadsheet and being able to know who else is in the document with you and view their changes automatically in seconds.

Co-authoring streamlines your workflow and is available in Excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft Word.

Forecasting in Excel

Excel has e a very useful forecast function and enables you to make better decisions, faster.

The example used in the video is as follows:

For example, suppose I wanted to see what the population here in Redmond, Washington is likely to be 20 years from now. First, I found historic data on Redmond’s population from 1990 to now. I simply highlight the data, click Forecast Sheet on the Data ribbon, and tell Excel how far out I want the forecast to extend. Excel does the rest. It creates a new worksheet containing both a table of the historical and predicted values, and a chart that shows these values graphically.

A forecast can help you predict things like future sales, inventory requirements, or consumer trends.

Power BI

In early November, the Power BI team released major enhancements to conditional formatting in Power BI reports, featuring rule-based conditional formatting to colour the background or the font colour of a column. This enables you to apply conditional formats to Power BI reports in ways that parallel Microsoft Access and Excel.