The following video looks at the Office 365 updates for January 2018.

The following content is paraphrased from the original Microsoft video transcript.


The Whiteboard Preview app is a freeform digital canvas where people, ideas, and content can come together for creative collaboration. This new tool is built for creatives and is designed for teams working together both in-person and remotely.

You can see where everyone is on the board and the updates they are making. Updates can include adding images, putting up sticky notes and creating diagrams, for example.

Microsoft Whiteboard uses intelligent ink that recognizes your freeform drawings and turns them into standard shapes. The app automatically saves your boards, so you can pick up where you left off. It also shares links to your boards, so others can add to your work. This eliminates the need to take photos of your canvas or email photos to others when you need to get them up to speed.


When we share a PowerPoint presentation with a customer, as a video it doesn’t always open up easily in PowerPoint – often because they are on an older version of PowerPoint that may not display all slides as intended.

It’s quite easy to share a high-fidelity version of your PowerPoint presentation as a video, and Office 365 has recently added the ability to export to 4K Ultra-High definition, so your presentation will look fantastic on any monitor, no matter what the size.


Sway is a digital storytelling app, designed for creating professional presentations that you can release easily on the Web. If you have content in Word or PowerPoint, you can easily import into Sway. It will even keep hyperlinks intact.

To make it easier to create and preview your Sway content, there are two new tabs called Storyline and Design. With Storyline, you can structure your Sway and create content with Cards and insert media. Design lets you preview, make light edits, and use Styles to change the look and feel of your Sway.


Yammer has recently released new reporting that helps community managers to understand the activity happening in their Yammer groups.

Now, insights for public groups can be accessed by anyone in your network. All you do is navigate to the View Group Insights link under Group Actions from the group’s news feed. N.B. Insights for private groups are restricted to only members in that group.

Group Insights provides an overview of activity for the last 7 days, 28 days, and 12 months, showing you:

  • How many members and non-members are active in the group,
  • The number of people who have posted messages, read messages, or liked messages, and
  • Trends of whether activity has been going up or down over time.

These insights enable you to track your engagement with content from campaigns or initiatives hosted in Yammer. It clearly identifies spikes in activity over the course of the year, month, or week so that you can report back to leaders and optimize efforts.


Microsoft recently introduced a new, secure, external file sharing experience with increased security for collaboration outside your organisation.

When sending secure links to outside recipients, they receive an email message containing a time-limited, single-use verification code when they open the link. By entering the verification code, the user proves ownership of the email account to which the secure link was sent.

For added security, IT administrators can specify how often external recipients must get a new code and re-verify their email address. This ensures ongoing protection for all files and folders shared with external recipients.


It has never been more important for IT to ensure that employee and customer data is protected and handled appropriately.

Microsoft eDiscovery is a tool that helps organisations analyse data across Office 365 to identify information that they have stored about a person or topic. Recent enhancements to Advanced eDiscovery enables Office 365 E5 subscribers to use a new content import capability to upload and analyse documents from outside Office 365. This extends the benefits of Advanced eDiscovery beyond Office 365, providing organisations with a single way to discover and manage compliance-related content across the organisation.

For full information about the above, watch the video.

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