This month’s Office 365 update covers Yammer, which helps organisations drive open conversations, share updates, collaborate and crowdsource answers from coworkers all over the world. The Yammer team recently added a feature that lets you move conversations between groups in Yammer. There is also a new seen counts feature, which helps you understand the impact your posts are having by displaying the number of people who have seen the message.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is for collaboration within a specific team or workgroup.

New features enable you to use apps in new ways. For example, you can command apps and take quick actions from the command box. You can also include specific content from an app in a conversation.

Whereas previously you had to add screenshots and hyperlinks to your posts in Microsoft Teams, you can now bring rich information from apps into a chat or channel message with a simple click.

There’s also a new personal apps space that makes it easy for you to access your favourite apps and see all the items that you have been assigned to across apps. Tasks can be veiwed in Planner, issues in Jira Cloud, or requests in Bitbucket Cloud, all right within Teams.

The search facility has also been improved. It now has integrated slash commands so you both search and take quick actions from the same command box.

These updates to Microsoft Teams mark the biggest release of new functionality since Teams launched last March.

OneDrive File Restore

The OneDrive team has recently announced a new feature called Files Restore for all OneDrive for Business customers. It is a complete self-service recovery solution that allows administrators and end users to restore files from any point in time during the last 30 days. Both users and administrators can rewind changes, using activity data to select the exact moment to revert to.

OneDrive on iOS

New functionality has been released in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive on iOS that will make iPad and iPhone users more productive.

You can use real-time co-authoring to contribute to, and edit, documents simultaneously in the iOS apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can also see who else is working with you in a documentand view changes automatically within seconds.

Furthermore, you can pull in content on your iPad with drag and drop support in Office and OneDrive.

Power BI

In Power BI a slicer narrows the portion of the dataset shown in the other visualizations on the page. Up until now, Power BI slicers only applied to a single page, but with the current update, you can sync slicer values across multiple pages.

There’s also a “Sync slicers” pane that enables you to select slicers to stay in sync across multiple pages.


In Planner, new due date email notifications summarise tasks due in the coming week. Plus in the pipeline is a new iCalendar format feed that enables you to publish Planner tasks to your Outlook calendar.

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