Out of the Office? Your Business Can Still Work For You

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Everyone deserves a well-earned break, you might want to take the opportunity to catch up with family and friends. But is work still on your mind? Are you thinking about all those things you haven’t done? Will work be piling up for you when you get back to the office?

Well here’s the good news.
You can get your business to continue to work for you even while you are out of the office by automating your processes.

Here are just some of the things you can do:

  • Send your clients automatic payment reminders from your cloud accounting system to avoid missed or late payments
  • Automate your bank feed to keep your accounts up to date
  • Onboard new clients with a series of automated emails
  • Automate your marketing emails to stay in touch with customers and contacts
  • Link your email with your CRM to ensure the latest conversations are input manually

Interested in doing all of the above but don’t have the systems in place? Get in touch here!

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