Disaster Recovery For When Your Broadband Goes Down

Are you prepared for internet outage in your workplace?

Recently at OutserveWeb, our broadband went down. We conduct the vast majority of our work on the cloud, so when our internet service was abruptly disconnected we were concerned our workload would back up and we could fall behind.

Thanks to our disaster recovery plan, however, we were prepared for this eventuality!

We have four alternatives to accessing the internet should our router, or our service, become unusable:

1. Our first step is to have a spare router in the office! Routers can often just break down without any real explanation so having that spare router packed away on your top shelf might just save you some unnecessary panic.

2. If the router isn’t the issue we also have a secondary ISP and access point we can temporarily switch to while we fix our primary network.

3. If for some reason both networks are down we have a fail safe in place – a wireless 3G dongle. If we find ourselves unable to connect to the internet with any of our ISPs, we have a dongle which the whole team can connect to. We pre-load the dongle with 30 GB worth of data at the beginning of every month so we have enough data to see us through any outages.

disaster recovery for internet outage

4. Failing all three, our last resort, which we don’t recommend to use often, is to go to an open access point such as Starbucks or McDonald’s. The reason we don’t suggest this is open access networks are very insecure so only use these if the work you are conducting does not involve sensitive data.

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