Project Management with Trello

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What is Trello?

Whatever your project, whether internal or for a client, Trello is an online collaboration tool and provides a simple system for organising and monitoring projects at a glance. It has a user-friendly interface that is based on Kanban principles. Kanban is a technique for managing a software development process in a highly efficient way to keep production levels high and underpins Toyota’s “just-in-time” (JIT) manufacturing system. The principles can be applied to any type of project and bring the simplicity and clarity needed for working efficiently.

How to organise tasks in Trello

Trello offers a flexible way to organise the tasks involved in a project for you and your team. It gives you an instant snapshot of what is being worked on, who is working on what, and the exact status of a task in a process. Trello organises your projects into boards. If you imagine a whiteboard with sticky notes on it, you start to get the picture.

You can add team members to the Trello boards that are relevant to them. An individual board can contain multiple lists, which can be labelled as required. The cards (sticky notes) in the lists can be a description of the tasks, notes, projects, files or anything else related to the project. The beauty of this is that it makes it easy to handover tasks between team members. You assign tasks to different team members by adding them to the relevant card/s, and set a due date. These cards can be altered (edited, moved or archived, for example) by team members, as new information is added and tasks are completed, for etc. Furthermore, individual team members can set up their own boards to keep track of tasks assigned to them. Lists can be organised into ‘To Do’, ‘Doing’ and Done’ and cards can be moved from ‘To Do’ to ‘Doing’ and then to ‘Done’ as tasks are being worked on.

Trello and Slack Integration

Trello can also be integrated with Slack. Information can be shared with the team or feedback on a project can be given by sending Trello cards to Slack channels. You can also set up alerts to notify Slack channels of activity in Trello and you can get reminders for cards in Slack, or even set reminders for another team member in Slack, which will help to ensure that tasks are not forgotten.Finally, you can attach Slack conversations to cards, thereby turning them into actionable items.

How we manage our projects with Trello at OutserveWeb

At OutserveWeb, we use Trello to monitor the progress of a client project from Needs Analysis to User Sign-off and the Support Phase. At the start of any software implementation project, we determine the specific requirements of your business and desired outcomes. From this, we create a project plan. The specific stages of the project plan are reflected in a Trello board.

We then use a separate Trello board for the Prototype Test Build where we build an example of your system and input test transactions to confirm that you are happy with processes and resolve any technical issues before the live build. To make sure accounting, stock, VAT data is correct at all times, our rigorous testing procedure tests all integrations thoroughly, and the Trello board acts as a comprehensive checklist to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Once the prototype system has been signed off by you, we move on to the Live Build. In order to build the system according to the prototype, we use a Trello board to list all the stages of the build and to assign tasks on cards with all the relevant information attached, such as things we have learned from the prototype build. We then import your data into the new live system and ensure that all integrated systems are working efficiently together.

We train all potential users in the newly integrated system. We organise the various aspects of the training in a Trello board to take you through the basics of using the system, including automation and replication of data across other systems, making simple edits to your system and creating useful reports.

Once you are happy that all desired outcomes of the new system have been met, we ask you to sign off the project. We then provide you with support to answer any questions regarding your system and to help troubleshoot any minor technical issues.

Want to know more?

Click here to view OutserveWeb’s Project Methodology, which outlines the various different stages of our software implementation process.

To enquire about systems implementation and integration for your business, call us on 01785 244080, or contact us here.

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