Filming A Promotional Video – Read Our Tips!

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Be ahead of the game by reading our tips for a successful video!


Tidy your office

Promotional Video

This video gives potential and existing customers an insight into your business, make sure the environment is tidy. Put your best foot forward. A tidy space implies organisation. There’s nothing wrong with having a few personal touches – that humanises your company and brand – just make sure your space reflects what you would like to portray to your potential audience.

Make sure you have your branding in sight around the office – without it looking staged and cramped

Showing that your office is on-brand really sets the scene for a great video representing your company!

Make sure areas leading to and around the office are presentable

Promotional Video Tips

Okay, so your office looks IKEA-showroom-new, great! But there’s a mess outside of the door to your office. Make sure all of your area is presentable, within reason of course. You want to make sure your film crew feels welcomed and their first impression of your business and space may affect how they present you and your company in the video.

Make relevant staff members aware

Promotional Video Tips

You donâ’t want a staff member walking through a shot oblivious to what is going on. Prevent this mishap by making all staff aware of the video. This also helps as you may want shots that involve more than just you. It can be beneficial to include staff members in order to show diversity in your brand, the size of your business and good rapport with staff. Including staff members brings a sense of connection between you and the customers.

Make sure your staff are all in their correct work-wear, whether it’s uniform, branded polo shirts or smart-casual clothes.

Provide food and drink

Promotional Video Tips

Getting the right shots and directing people to say and do the right thing for the camera can take a long time and can be exhausting for all involved. Providing snacks and drinks can help keep spirits up and will be hugely appreciated by all, making for a convivial and welcoming atmosphere on the filming day. It also helps to create a good impression of your business, which will hopefully be reflected in the video taken by the film crew.

Be aware of timescales

Promotional Video Tips

Knowing how long the film crew will be with you is rather important. Will you have to reschedule meetings and/or phone calls on that day? The last thing you want is to miss an important communication while you’re filming. You don’t want to neglect existing or potential customers, so make sure someone is on hand to take incoming calls and that you have kept the day/ allotted hours free!

Post images of the filming day to social media

Promotional Video Tips

It’s good for your own social media if you can actually get shots of the film crew in action.

Create a sense of excitement around your business by teasing little bits of information out on social media about your video! You could even use a countdown to keep your customers engaged!

Read our blog post about the making of our video here.
Watch the result of our day of filming in July when the Unleashed inventory software management film crew came to our offices here.

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