ProspectSoft is a stock-aware CRM for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors who sell products B2B.

With ProspectSoft you can:

  • Sell products from stock to other businesses
  • Integrate product, inventory and customer sales data to reduce rekeying and gain better insights
  • Instantly check stock, review current and past customer orders
  • Instantly provide quotations and take a new order from your browser
  • Access the data you need all in one place with easy reporting
  • Scale up for multiple users in the cloud as your business grows – with ProspectSoft 365

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B2B Ecommerce

With integrated ecommerce and B2B trade portals, customers see selected product and inventory information, can place orders and access customer services 24/7. This self-service enhanced buying experience leaves your sales and service staff free to focus on more valuable activities that will help grow the business.

What’s more, with ProspectSoft’s Content Management System (CMS), you can quickly and easily make changes to your site to keep your customers informed of any offers, promotions or new products.



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