Improve Customer Relationships by Providing the Perfect FAQ Page

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FAQ Page

Don’t Let Your FAQ Page Become an Afterthought

An FAQ page is vital to ensuring more business from your site, this is particularly important for ecommerce businesses. Not only is it a great trust-builder but also great for conversions and cost-cutting. In this blog post, we cover how you can use your FAQ page to guide customers around your site and help to convince them to buy more products by providing additional information.

As mentioned above, an effective FAQ page can save you both time and money by freeing up your support team. Your page should include the most frequently asked questions and easily accessible. This is a great asset to your website as it shows customers that you care and have an insight into their wants and needs, as well as displaying your depth of knowledge. Customers appreciate information, so the more there is, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Get Feedback 

You need customer feedback in order to know which questions are frequently asked and what matters most to customers. This information can be gathered from testers and real customers, then the questions and answers can be written for the FAQ page. Focus groups can be used to test products and get genuine feedback that will enable you to improve and gain a greater understanding of what your customers find important when it comes to your ecommerce business.

Know Your Audience

Use your information wisely and write in a style that engages your chosen audience. You might need to use jargon specific to your industry or sector, using a style that reflects your brand. The way you would communicate with professional business people would be very different from the way you would communicate with teenage gamers, for example.

Spring into Action

An FAQ page can dramatically improve your search engine ranking. Yes, that’s right, it boosts your SEO. I’ll tell you why, FAQ pages are rich in knowledge. They are seen as high-information resources, which are incredibly useful to both you and new customers. This page is an extension of your menu. It helps with navigation, making the conversion process more efficient and valuing your customers time. Research which keywords and phrases customers are using in connection with your products or services and use the same words and phrases on your FAQ page. This will help customers find you in a search and will therefore improve your ranking. In addition, it will help your customers better understand your FAQs and find value in your page.

Learn From Others

There is a common layout used by many businesses as it allows for a clear and well thought out page. It is important to have your FAQ page accessible from many points on your website. Customers want knowledge and information fast, so a confusing and bulky FAQ page can be very off-putting. Know when to categorise by grouping similar topics together. If you have more than 10 points, it’s time to categorise. Avoiding an over complicated and long-winded FAQ page will do wonders for your business. It should be targeted at your customers, not just there for the sake of it, otherwise there is no value – for you, or the customer.

Let Customers Look Around

Add a search bar to make their journey efficient. Make sure you include keywords that the customer will use. You should find this information from your research and customer feedback. Customers value their time greatly and as a result, the easier it is to navigate your website, the happier the customer will be, improving customer relationships.

Look Friendly

A good FAQ page has the primary information as the main attraction. The page should be clean and not intimidating. You want this to be a place customers are happy to visit and use regularly. The customer should be able to quickly scroll through your page and find the answer they’re looking for. A picture says a thousand words, customers respond well to visual aids. It can sometimes be overkill, but often customers find it helpful to have images on the page. For processes such as returns, a visual step-by-step can provide a lot of information to help complete the return. This is also an opportunity to provide links to other pages on your site, for example, your returns policy. Step-by-step and informative videos are a great attention-holder that you can use to communicate information and it adds another layer of media to your page that some customers may prefer.

Let the FAQ Page Be Part of Your Conversion Process

Use the opportunity to include links to products and relevant pages, such as areas of support and blog posts. The FAQ page should be a brilliant resource for your customers along with reducing pressure on your support team by providing a wealth of information. As an ecommerce business, you can even feature FAQs on product pages, which will help boost sales.

Don’t Take Away Customer Support

Although the load will be lighter, it doesn’t mean you should take away all other forms of customer support. It’s still a great idea to integrate a customer support system, e.g. ZenDesk. The FAQs can be your customer’s first port of call for support. However, you can’t cover everything, so ensuring there is still a way of directly communicating with customers in need is 100% necessary.

Understand Value

There are some questions that require more than a brief paragraph or a couple of sentences. Landing pages can be a great resource for such problems, they can include step-by-step instructions on how to resolve an issue. Some of these processes may require pictures demonstrating what to do and as a result are too bulky to be put straight into the FAQs. This is why using links to landing pages can help provide information, as well as further improving your SEO without worrying about cluttering your FAQ page.


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